Tyra Banks’ long-lost role in the price is true

According to IMDb, in February 2006, Tyra Banks guest-starred on The Price is Right. The famous model played one of Barker’s beauties, demonstrating the Pontiac G6 and forgetting to close the door afterwards. But despite this unfortunate incident, she seemed to be having fun all the time and also had to get the message across to viewers about the importance of spaying and caring for pets before she had to leave and record her own show, which is also being taped on the historic TV show. city. in Hollywood (via YouTube).


While filming the episode, she also interviewed Barker for The Tyra Banks Show. During the call, Banks mentioned to The Price Is Right host that she was born just a year after the show started and she started watching him tell people to get down with her great-grandmother when she was a little girl. . In those memorable times, she couldn’t help but notice the stunning models of the show. “As a little girl, I looked at the Barker Beauties and thought they were so perfect and so beautiful,” Banks enthusiastically exclaimed to Barker (via YouTube).

Who knew that so many years later, Banks herself would become one of those striking Barker Beauties, displaying all the glamorous prizes that lucky studio audiences have a chance to win on the famous game show?

When it comes to TV and modeling accomplishments, Banks has a lot to brag about on both occasions, and one honor she can certainly include in her wall of fame is, without a doubt, playing one of Barker’s beauties on the show. “Price”. right.”


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