Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Several Journalists Who Cover Elon Musk –

Updated with response from CNN and The New York Times: Twitter on Thursday abruptly suspended the accounts of several journalists, including The Washington Post, CNN and The New York Times, as well as media pundit Keith Olbermann. All have covered Elon Musk in the past.

The news started circulating this evening when the Twitter accounts of the journalists received the “account suspended” treatment on their feeds.


People whose access to the social media site has been blocked include: The Washington PostDrew Harwell, gave The New York TimesRyan Mack, CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan, InterceptMicha Lee of Mashable, Matt Binder of Mashable and freelance journalists Tony Webster and Aaron Rupar. Olbermann’s account was also suspended, his last tweet being picked up by other Twitter users showing him acting to support Roper and other reporters.

Rival social media platform Mastodon’s Twitter account was also suspended tonight.

According to The Washington PostWhile Harwell is a technology reporter, the accounts went offline around 7:30 p.m. gave Post He said most of the journalists affected had recently covered Musk’s dispute with a Twitter user who tracked Musk’s private jet travel.


@ElonJet, operated by Florida College student Jack Sweeney, used publicly available flight tracking to inform followers of the location of Musk’s Gulfstream jet. @ElonJet was suspended by Twitter on Wednesday and its own account followed suit today, Sweeney said.


gave The above information was reported A CNN correspondent covering the intersection of politics and technology, among others by the now-suspended O’Sullivan.

“The forced and unjustified suspension of several reporters, including CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, is alarming but not surprising,” a CNN spokesperson said tonight. Twitter’s increasing volatility and volatility should be of incredible concern to anyone who uses Twitter. We’ve asked Twitter for clarification, and we’ll reevaluate our relationship based on that response.


added The New York TimesCharlie Stadlander, director of external communications: “The suspension of the Twitter accounts of several prominent journalists, including the New York Times’ Ryan Mack, tonight is questionable and unfortunate. Neither the Times nor Ryan have received an explanation as to why. We hope that all journalists’ accounts will be restored and that Twitter will provide a satisfactory explanation of this action.

“The suspension of Drew Harwell’s Twitter account directly undermines Elon Musk’s claim that he intends to operate Twitter as a platform dedicated to free speech,” said Washington Post Executive Editor Sally Buzby. Harwell was fired from Twitter without warning, action or explanation after publishing accurate reporting about Musk. Our journalist should be reinstated immediately.

Roper confirmed the suspension tonight. On its substack pagewhich included a screenshot of Twitter stating that his account had been permanently suspended. “I don’t know what rules I broke,” he wrote. “I haven’t heard anything from Twitter.”

In response to a tweet critical of the suspension, Musk wrote, “Criticizing me all day is fine, but doxing my true position and putting my family in danger is not.”


After the suspension became public, the trending topic “Thursday Night Massacre” emerged. Musk has not commented on the move on his Twitter account.

At a DC event for FCC commissioners and telecom professionals, Commissioner Brandon Carr, who has been outspoken about free speech on the platforms, said he was not aware of the circumstances of the suspension, but he told, “One person should not decide who participates in Digital Town Square.


Carr has been critical of Twitter’s past decisions to endorse Donald Trump and other voices on the right, but he tweeted on Wednesday, “There is no one person who has the authority to dictate these views. There should be carte blanche to debate in the digital town square, so Congress should pass pro-speech reforms that would prohibit discrimination by Big Tech based on political, religious, or scientific viewpoints.

Eric Pedersen contributed to this report.

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