Trey Parker gives insight into the roller coaster of making a South Park episode

The tireless team has an interesting practice that Trey Parker talks about SBS Tape. “There is a big difference between Thursday and Tuesday because our week starts on Thursday. [as new episodes air Wednesdays], Parker said. “And Thursday is the day when you come into the room and think: “What should we do?” And it’s the most fun day because there’s no “Here’s what we’ve got” here. Where are we going?!’ It’s like, “What do we want to laugh at? What do we want to talk about?”


Parker continues, “We kind of have three boards for the first, second, and third acts. And you know, we’ll just start writing down ideas, making drawings and doing things, you know, if we’re willing.” new character, I’ll run up and draw it very quickly. And we’ll spend the first two, you know, two and a half hours every day here.” The funny thing is that Parker says they are usually full of themselves at first and might even go home early on Thursday because they feel like they’ve got it all figured out. But as the week goes on, they begin to question themselves more and more, to the point of actually panicking.

He explains how, as the team gets closer to Tuesday, the pressure starts to build rapidly. When Sunday rolls around, Parker says they’re usually “gosh” trying to smooth out the last wrinkles in history. Undoubtedly and not surprisingly, this always converges at the end for the next hysterical episode.


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