Topher Grace has a hard time watching reruns of a ’70s show due to the nostalgia factor

Of course, it would be a different experience to watch reruns of the show you were a part of. Not only that Topher Grace laugh with us at some of the characters’ struggles, like when they tried to steal a stop sign for Hyde’s 18th birthday, but years later, it seems to make the actor stop remembering everything about that time in his life. This is what he emphasized during a recent speech at “The Jess Cagle Show” Sirius XM.


“It makes you so nostalgic… It would be like they were constantly reviewing your high school yearbook,” Grace told the show’s co-host Julia Cunningham.. As he suggested, there may be too many flashbacks at once for Grace to fully enjoy the reruns.

While Grace portrayed Eric Foreman on That ’70s Show, his role as a Point Place, Wisconsin teenager was the first of his career, so thinking about it should bring back memories of the excitement and uncertainty of landing such a big, first installment. . And since the show ran for eight seasons, and Grace was in seven of them, that’s a significant amount of time spent with his co-stars. As we watched Eric grow up, so did Grace.

However, viewers are looking forward to seeing Grace step back into Eric’s shoes in the upcoming Netflix spin-off That ’90s Show. It won’t be the same, but it will still be a nice revisit to Point Place and the memories found there.


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