Top Tech Gifts Under $40

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Technical gifts can sometimes be the hardest to find. Sometimes it feels like you’re not giving them something good if you can’t afford the latest phone or tablet. In a world of screens, what do you get someone who has everything?

From a wicked cool 3D pen, a device that turns your TV into a billion dollar art gallery, to a beanie with headphones, we’ve got you covered with great gift ideas. The best part? They all cost less than $40!


Oh 3D printer in your hand

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This 3D pen Very good! It’s like having a 3D printer without the price tag. It comes with everything they need to create 3D ideas. It can be as fantastic or functional as you want! YouTube has tons of videos showing them all the different cool things they can do with this new art tech.

Super Charge it all.

61HhzNZarAL. AC SL1500
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Having all of this can be a pain at times. Every thing has a different charger, and how do you charge everything without an extension cord or spreading your stuff all over the house? write. 4 in 1 charging dock. Mag Chargers for Everything! Watch, 2 phones, headphones!

A gift of power

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This Anchor charging block Charges everything – including your laptop – at a size that’s barely noticeable, which means more power and more space! Maybe not the main gift, but a good stock stuffer.

Billion Dollar Art Gallery 1.jpg.optimal
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it is Billion dollar art gallery! A device that plugs into your TV and displays 500 of the world’s most famous paintings. How cool is that?! Three months ago my wife and I decided to rearrange our living room where the TV was not the main focus of the room. This is just the perfect gift for her! You can play a video gallery or select a photo.


gave Benny We are all searching.

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My wife and I are avid snowboarders. No more losing earbuds on the slopes with it. Benny’s built-in Bluetooth headphones. This is a solid gift, not only for winter sports people, but also for those who work outdoors.

one HD drone Without the outrageous price tag

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Finally, one The drone Which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Now this isn’t going to get you a job in Hollywood, but it’s definitely more drone than most. If someone in your life is begging for their first drone and you can’t justify the price? This is the answer. With a remote that connects to any phone they can fly more accurately and farther!


64,000 five-star reviews say you’ll love it. The buds

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I understand that. I am the same way. If it’s not Apple, Beats, or Bose, I usually pass on those. Big mistake with them Ear Buds by Tozo! Instead of paying literally hundreds of dollars for other headphones, these little powerhouses come in under $40. The bass is deep without being jittery, great mid-tones, and the treble doesn’t scream or have that horrible lazy sound! And at $40, if you lose one, like we all do, it’s not that big of a deal since they’re easily replaceable.

Oh Flashlight No need to hold them in your mouth.

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We’ve all done it. You can’t see but you need your hands. So, what do we do? We put the flashlight in our mouth so we hope whatever we need to do will be done quickly. with them Flashlight gloves This is a thing of the past. Give it to the person in your household who insists on fixing it themselves. We will not mention names.

Real life Space Jam Ball

71qFCl9jlAL. AC SL1500
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The original Space Jam with Michael Jordan was my favorite movie when it first came out. It had everything – great villains, classic cartoon characters, Michael Jordan, and that really cool shiny ball that was meant to encapsulate all the talents of all the best basketball players. This LED illuminated basketball It seems like it, but it also works.

A pain free lifeWhat’s a better gift than that?

616osWTtluL. AC SL1200
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I have a Vibrating massage ball Which I paid over $120 for. Hyper Ice and Theragon brands are also up in price. This little massage ball on Amazon is a fraction of the price and does exactly the same thing. This thing has saved my hips and back countless times! Perfect gift for athletes or recreational exercisers.

Massage therapist approved gun

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My wife is a massage therapist. She does a lot of different treatments and told me she uses it. Massage gun Before each massage it loosens and relaxes tight muscles, and increases blood flow, allowing her to go straight to treatment. Usually the first half of the massage is spent preparing the body to move into the deep tissue. From personal experience, doing this before massage also makes the deep tissue less painful. It also helps relieve neck and shoulder tension. Who wouldn’t like that?


Your Private theatre Everywhere

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Screen magnifiers are really cool. It is a large 12 inch magnifying glass speaker. Let them turn their phone into their own little private theater. It also works with handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch! Making it the perfect travel setup for your little gamer. Everything connects and packs tightly. So instead of buying a phone, tablet and laptop for thousands of dollars, you can get them this screen magnifier speaker combo for less than $40!

Unlock your inner National Geographic.

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Phone camera tech has gone crazy lately, but, they still get blurry when you zoom in close. They don’t really come out the way you see them with your eyes. along with Binocular lens For the phone they can capture all those shots! The perfect gift for aspiring photographers, or that person in your life who just loves taking photos with their phone.

gave TV killer

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Most people have some kind of streaming stick or device of some kind. I have tried them all. My favorite is this one. Stop stick. I have a “smart” TV, but the software sometimes freezes or it’s just confusing because they try to put everything together on the same screen. With Roku, you can get all your streaming subscriptions, including Apple tv+, Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Prime, and more all in one place. The remote is universal and works with all TVs, smart or not, and comes with popular streaming service buttons right on the remote for easy access. I gave one of these to my parents for Christmas last year and 2 weeks later they canceled their expensive TV service.

Easy button For DIY family photo shoots

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The most frustrating thing about DIY family photo shoots is getting everyone in the picture or rushing to beat the timer (only to find the photo didn’t come out right). This Super cheap button Connects to all smartphones and takes video or photos with the push of a button. No more asking random strangers to take your picture.

No need for blackout curtains.

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This sleep mask will make whoever you give it to feel like royalty. My wife took me inside. Sleep masks. I found it to be a little buggy but after using it once and finally being able to sleep more than 6 hours on time I was hooked. This particular one is my favorite. I love guided sleep meditations, and they made headphones for side sleepers.


Oh Mug lovers best friend

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Finally someone who gets it. This The mug is hot Comes with a cup but you can use your own mug! it’s awesome! I have so many mugs that make me laugh in the morning. It is not appropriate to repeat here. But, finally being able to get a tech gadget that works with my mug? The perfect coffee mug lover gift.

Harness the power of the sun.

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Nowadays there is a power bank for everything. The problem is when you forget to charge the charger! I think I have enough juice before I leave the house and the power bank dies halfway through the charge. This Solar Power Bank The answer is. They can both charge it and use direct sunlight with a built-in solar panel to get power all day long.

secret agent Tracking taken off

Tiie Tracker 1 edited.jpg.optimal
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The tile Makes really great trackers without the hefty price tag. From keys, luggage, backpacks, and purses, you need a tracker on all your important items, in case you misplace them! It would make a thoughtful gift as a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

gave The weirdest gift ever

61xmK7RPa0L. AC SL1500 1
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So, isn’t your first thought when wondering what gift to get right? Can I just say how awesome. The toilet Is!? Ever wake up in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, and need to go to the bathroom, but don’t want to turn on the light? You know that if you do, you’ll blind yourself from the lights and never fall asleep. It’s just a gift that will have to come with a little explanation, and maybe a gift card.

Waterproof outdoor vibes

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Whether you’re spending time with friends and family at the ocean, river, lake or pool, this Wireless bluetooth speaker Each time the vibe will grow. Great sound output and you’ll never have to worry about getting waterlogged. Score!

Have fun.

61z5oOk5fzL. AC SL1350
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with Wi-Fi Extender You’ll get powerful Wi-Fi no matter where you are in the house. Whether it’s playing online games or streaming video outside in the yard. This Wi-Fi extender is a practical gift that everyone will appreciate! The excitement won’t come until they get to their bullets at the far end of the house.

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