Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs and Their Success Stories

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Women’s great powers of creativity, resilience, and extraordinary tales have created stories that exemplify the ultimate force of womanhood while bringing beauty to their special life. Females are working tirelessly to structure their thoughts and superpowers as they struggle to make ends meet and fiercely create history in their own culture. Businesses hold no prejudices when it comes to creativity and new innovations.Several approaches taken by tenacious female entrepreneurs have created strong waves in the business community thus laying a solid base of limitless creativity. Their impressive inventions have washed out the traditional rules of civilization, from the leaders of pioneering corporate giants to the pioneers of flourishing startups. We’ve compiled a list of exceptional female entrepreneurs who have gone on to become prominent figures who can serve as role models for any aspiring entrepreneur. Also, thanks to Thoughtful PR for highlighting these inspirational stories worth getting inspired from.

Here’s the list of Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs and Their Success Stories by CaphIQ.


Jessica Santtos 

Meet With Jessica Santtos

Jessica is an investor, mother of two girls, influencer, model, a widow woman and she’s passionate about helping woman’s to achieve financial freedom investing in the financial market.

Jessica, 27 years old from Brazil, currently living in Dubai, Miss Latina in 2014, self-made and believes that you can conquer anything you want with the right mindset and goals. Over the past 5 years she’s been investing in the financial market with over 1M in return from Cryptocurrencies which she believes it’s the future of the world.


Jessica also states that in order to achieve financial freedom you must diversify your investments she also states that she’s been investing in properties all over the world, her last property investment was in Portugal in a summer holiday house.

According to her, since her husband passed away she focused more on investments so she can have time freedom to take care of her two daughters and still earn money from anywhere in the world while educating and enjoying family time with her kids.

“Let your money work for you instead of working for the money, diversify your investments and never let anyone say you can’t do it. We are empowered woman,” Jessica Santtos

Nelly Agbogu 


Meet With Jessica Santtos 1

Nelly Agbogu fondly known as Naijabrandchick, is a self-taught digital and social marketing coach for business owners across Africa. With over Ten (10) years of professional experience, A Tony Elumelu Fellow, Oracle Database Administrator and The first Nigerian Instagram Coach to effectively train over 200,000 business owners in 40 cities. Convener of the Largest Trade Fair of small business owners. Nelly is widely known for her Magic touch on Instagram Sales & marketing which has helped small businesses go from overlooked to overbooked.

Her Clients feedback is mind-blowing as far as 7 digits within 30 days. She is the first and only widely acclaimed INSTAGRAM COACH in Africa. Nelly has also been showcased due to her tremendous work in growing Businesses in places such as CNBC AFRICA, TW Magazine, GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER, ARISE TV, EBONYLIFE TV. She was among the 100 leading ladies in Nigeria among several awards.

Her Creativity and twist to social media marketing especially Instagram keeps bringing the customers to her table. In 2019 her Food business (@NelliesNigeria) Won the best innovative food business in Nigeria powered by GAIN & Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network Nigeria Nelly holds certifications in Psychology and CEM from the Lagos Business School. And is committed in shaping AFRICA one business at a time.

Tera Carissa 


Meet With Jessica Santtos 2

A faith-based empowerment coach, author, speaker, and CEO of an international media group, Tera has served over 5,000 women in 35 countries since her coaching business launch in 2012.

Internationally known, with media coverage, invitations, and partnerships with brands, personalities and businesses globally, Tera’s passion to empower women in every area of their life, despite any past mistakes or obstacles, drives her.

With initiatives such as designed to help women use their past as a launching pad by owning their story so their story can never own them, and, an anti adult bullying website designed to empower professional women by spotlighting bullying tactics other adults use—often out of jealousy, to minimize another’s success, Tera has a strong following and support amongst other faith leaders, thought leaders, celebrities, and more. Because of that, in 2016 she was able to launch her media group, where she and her partners offer media placement, branding, and strategy to clients.

In addition to, she leads live faith empowerment calls almost daily where people, mainly women, from over 50 countries access faith based principles to transform their lives.


Kelly Cantwell (@kelly_columbus614)

Meet With Jessica Santtos 3

Dedicated and knowledgeable, Kelly Cantwell is a Realtor® with Keller Williams Classic Properties and primarily serves the Columbus, Ohio region. Kelly brings a strong level of commitment to each real estate transaction and recognizes that the sale or purchase of a home is a uniquely different experience for each person. She has the distinctive ability to create a connection of trust as she assists her clients with one of their most important decisions. Her capacity to listen to the specific needs of each client, and create a well executed strategy, allows her to focus on their particular objectives.

Combined with her years of experience in sales and marketing, Kelly has a solid foundation rooted in community engagement and determination to get the job done well. She is a Guild Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, a member of Keller Williams Luxury, and also serves as a board member on several local foundations. Kelly’s goal is to always provide a seamless transaction that brings happiness to a new homeowner as they begin their next chapter and joy to a seller who
is passing on a most treasured possession.

Brigitte Bartley 

Meet With Jessica Santtos 11

Advocate for Nutrition and Mindset, Brigitte is also a mother to three boys, ages 20, 19 and 16.

Brigitte has an extraordinary range of experience and success. In 2011, she channelled her passion of nutrition into Network Marketing with now an organization of 101,000+ associates. Her passion for supporting small business channels through her social media marketing with clients all over the world, and her love for people and sales led her to Christies Int’l Real Estate at Blackstream Int’l in Greenville, SC with the Damian Hall Group Luxury Real Estate team.

Brigitte is known for her inspiration and wisdom in personal growth and development, mindset, business strategy and holistic health. She has an eloquent way of expressing what a “have it all woman” looks like. Her approach to transform challenges and adversities, not only generated her own growth and healing, but those around her as well.

Zahra Karsan

Meet With Jessica Santtos 5

Success coach, author, in-demand speaker, and wellness entrepreneur Zahra Karsan is CEO & Founder of “positive leadership” company GetZENd. She is also a board member of the World Happiness Foundation and a mentor to young women through her philanthropic work with the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. With 20+ years as a management consultant, Zahra found that a quality she terms “positive leadership” seemed to be missing in most organizations. The GetZENd suite of products balances the “human factor” with traditional leadership mechanics. The platform includes executive coaching programs, personal & professional development workshops, and the award-winning GetZENd app –helping people relax, focus and perform better. Zahra says, “GetZENd supports an exciting new model for success and human fulfillment. Through our work, we’re proving it’s possible to reduce stress, increase focus and performance, boost creativity and productivity AND have happy, healthy employees who are excited to get to work each day.”

Jessica Hobbs 

Meet With Jessica Santtos 6

Jessica Hobbs is the owner of Social Savvy HQ, a social media marketing company specializing in helping service-based entrepreneurs grow on social media through content that converts and proven organic strategies.

She went from side-hustling while working a corporate marketing job in NYC to having a team of content creators and a full client roster that has been booked out for months in advance for done-for-you services. Since starting her business, she’s helped clients sell out their launches using organic strategies only, become booked out themselves, and grow into an authority in their space with media outlets requesting interviews and features.

If you’re tired of the endless hamster wheel of downloading free content calendars and binging every marketing podcast on the algorithm, it’s time to take a different approach to your Instagram account.

Christina Scalera 

Meet With Jessica Santtos 7

If you woke up to $1000 added to your bank account every day, how would your life change? Featured on Entrepreneur, Creative Live, Goal Digger, Being Boss, Don’t Keep Your Day Job and many others, Christina Scalera has achieved this dream of waking up to new sales every day through her D-Commerce™ shop, and coaches others on how to do the same. Christina specializes in helping expert entrepreneurs turn their coaching + services into digital products that sell through an online storefront, aka D-Commerce™ shops.

If you’re a time-poor entrepreneur who is fed up with pushy clients or how crazy online marketing has gotten, you’ll want to check out Christina’s Simple, Sustained Shop Sales™ System. In it, you’ll learn how to create space, freedom and cash in your life without the hassle of crazy funnels, costly ads or tiring course creation.

You can see her D-Commerce™ shop in action at the award-winning, top Shopify store she founded in 2015 called The Contract Shop®, which sells legal templates for online coaches, consultants, designers and entrepreneurs. Learn more about her on her website, or by DM’ing her @christinascalera on Instagram.

Dr. Ashley Dwyer

Meet With Jessica Santtos 8

Dr. Ashley Dwyer is a pharmacist, health coach, entrepreneur, carb-lover and Founder and CEO of The Big Day Nutrition. She has an unwavering passion for empowering women, preventative health, and holistic healing.

With 10+ years in the fitness and health industry, including competing in NPC bodybuilding, and a PharmD degree from the University of Florida, Ashley has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wellness field. Ashley is also certified in Health Mindset, Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Science, and Plant-based Nutrition, which she uses to guide her clients to achieve their goals in a sustainable way. After 4 years as a retail pharmacist, Ashley started her company, The Big Day Nutrition. Here, she’s been able to transform hundreds of lives through education, proper nutrition, and mindset shifts. In 2020, she left pharmacy for good and has since focused her efforts on coaching full-time and growing her successful company!

Lyndie Putnam

Meet With Jessica Santtos 9

Lyndie Putnam is a certified holistic life coach, seminar leader, and the creator of Plan With Purpose, a company that promotes intentional living through planners, journals, and goal setting tools. Whether it is in her life coaching business or other various endeavors, Lyndie’s mission stays the same: to empower others to build a purpose-driven life from the inside out.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Lyndie is not afraid to take risks, try new things, and follow her passions wherever they may lead. At the age of 30, Lyndie has over eight years of sales experience in a very competitive, male-dominated oil and gas industry. She is currently building a vacation rental home in New Braunfels, Texas, with her husband, Lane, and is the co-owner of Suggest Kindness, a company she shares with her mom that is dedicated to spreading kind gifts and gestures around the world.

Jeanne Agius 

Meet With Jessica Santtos 10

Jeanne Agius is a former Corporate Escapee turned founder of Self-Care Journey Coaching, every women’s Self-Care Coach, wife, mother, healthy lifestyle expert, international speaker, and a certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

Since becoming a mom, she has been a frequent speaker on guiding women, especially moms, to prioritize themselves with holistic self-care practices without feeling guilt, despite the many hats they wear. She has been fortunate to help hundreds of women worldwide elevate their lifestyles and optimize their health by using self-care as their superpower to thrive so they can reclaim their time, energy, and confidence. She has built her Survive to Thrive program to help women feel beautiful from the inside out, be confident in their skin, and create healthy lifestyles they love through her signature Self-care System.

She wants to re-define self-care for today’s woman in her upcoming book because she knows self-care isn’t always easy but essential.


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