Top 10 Criminal Minds Penelope Garcia Moments Based on Tech Skills

There’s nothing Penelope Garcia wouldn’t do for Derek Morgan, even when he’s living the life they should have lived with someone else. Despite Garcia’s apparent regret that she never had a romantic relationship with Morgan, she is his biggest fan when it comes to his growing family. Of course, given that Garcia is Morgan’s closest confidante, she gets a call when Morgan’s pregnant wife, Savannah, is shot dead.


Not one to risk her loved ones, Garcia worked on a case with Morgan and the rest of the team after his kidnapping, to no avail. However, when Penelope looks back at footage from the hospital, she sees the man who called to report the shooting. Garcia quickly realizes that the call did not come from an orderly. Instead, it was the shooter himself… before he fired.

Although the unsub was clearly trying to lure Penelope, she doesn’t let that knock her out of the game. With the shooter’s face in Garcia’s frame, it doesn’t take long to identify him. The team spent countless hours trying to figure out the identity of Chazz Montolo after Morgan was kidnapped. However, Garcia manages to get the job done in minutes using a combination of the deduction skills she learned from the team and a bit of technical magic. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep Morgan at the BAU as he decides to leave the team for good. As the title of the episode suggests, this is “Beautiful Disaster”.


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