Tom Holland, Zendaya on Height Difference Stereotypes

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We love a short king and a long queen!

Zendaya And tom holland can’t give less than [enter expletive of your choosing here] About the difference in their height.


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Because, yes, it matters a lot, and why would they?

Jessica Shaw as host asks the couple about their visible height difference during their onscreen kiss Spider-Man: Far From HomeTom said, “Not that tall. Let’s put it out there. Maybe like an inch or two. It’s not like, people say, ‘How did you guys kiss? It must have been so hard.'”

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After Jessica clarified that she views height constraints on women and men as “wrong” and “problematic,” Zendaya and Tom agreed — the latter calling it a “stupid assumption” that it would even be an issue. “It’s also normal,” Zendaya said. “My mother is taller than my father. My mother is the tallest.”

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“It’s not strange for women to be tall,” Jacob said.

“I remember when we Spider Man Screen test…but every girl we tested for both roles was taller than me,” Holland shared, adding that the height stereotypes were “ridiculous.” “I wonder if that was a decision. [director] john [Watts] created. There was no one who tested that was younger than me.”

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“To be fair, I’m quite young,” he continued. “So maybe that was a decision that Jon Watts made and it was something he knew about and wanted to break the stereotype. I think it’s great.”

Zendaya said that MJ And PeterKa’s kiss has “a nice sweet moment between them” and shared how unnecessary it is to try to “cheat” the height difference on screen. “Often, to deceive it and pretend like it… why not let it be?”


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“Put me on an apple box,” Tom joked.

“It just sucks that this has to be a conversation,” Jacob said. “Like it can’t be normal.” Zendaya also said that she “honestly never thought of it as a thing because my parents were always like that, so I didn’t know that people cared.”

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I am, currently writing this post and am aware of how much this is not a thing and just a heterogeneous social construct.

And now that the two have talked more seriously about the weird structures in relationships between tall women and short men, let’s move on to the more important stuff, okay?!


(Like, maybe the fact that you can hold no way home In theaters in less than a week!)


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