TODAY host Sylvia Jeffries clashes with business operator Glenn Day over vaccines

The TODAY host had a tense exchange with a businessman who he says will flout Queensland’s new vaccine mandate.

A tense interview between Sylvia Jeffries and a Queensland business operator details their plan to thwart one. New Rules Banning non-vaccinated people from hospitality sites.


“Do you support human rights?” Glen Day asked Today host air.

Jeffreys was quick in his answer.

“I support the safety and security of our frontline healthcare workers, right?” he said.

Mr Day replied: “Yes, I do but human rights are what I am about and we should have the choice to make our own decisions about what goes into our bodies.”


The Gold Coast businessman recently told the media that he has lost $3 million to $4m at his restaurants since the pandemic began.

They told Ms Jefferies they were waiting for Christmas to get right and that “it’s not right” that some customers were not allowed inside.

While he claimed he was not against vaccination, Mr Day admitted that he himself was not vaccinated.

The interview ended when she said she believed the COVID vaccine had not been “tested properly” and Ms Jeffries questioned what her views were based on.


“Based on what I hear from people,” he claimed, every media company had different experts.

Ms. Jeffries then quickly ended the interview.

“The experts we trust are fully qualified infectious disease specialists,” she said. “We’ll just leave it there. Thanks for taking your time.”

Mr. Day serves up pancakes at Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta, Montezuma’s Surfers Paradise and The Aztecs in Broadbeach and Coolangatta’s Paradise.

“The government is making it very difficult for small businesses, it seems to be the only hit with this mandate, especially hospitality,” he said. Gold Coast Bulletin,


He said his businesses were too busy paying extra staff to stand at the door to check on the vaccination status of people.

“It is not our job to screen people, it never was and never will be, I do not intend to screen people. It will be the (government’s) prerogative,” he said, “if the government wants to do so.” They can have a policeman at the door.”

From Friday 17 December, unvaccinated people will be unable to enter Queensland hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, restaurants or cafes.

They will also be banned from sports stadiums, theme parks, festivals, cinemas and nightclubs.

They will be unable to visit hospitals, residential aged care, disability housing services and prisons.

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