Tired of always having to babysit his aunt’s kids, this guy solves everything by drinking beer.

Nobody really likes being forced to do something they don’t want to do. Especially if they are surprised by it! It’s a nasty feeling to have your expectations dashed by someone else’s selfishness.

While there are plenty of people out there who are great with kids and love babysitting, you can’t lump everyone into one category. For some people, this is a chore and they may not want to do it all the time. Sometimes it’s okay. Not always.


Redditor u/lococa Went viral on r/pettyrevenge. After explaining how he got out of caring for his aunt’s children. she is in fact Nanny in the family, but this time, her mom promises her she won’t have to. Wanting to gain a little freedom for himself, he got out of his duty with whatever he could think of at the drop of a hat—by drinking beer. Scroll down for the full story in the OP’s own words, as well as how the internet reacted.

It turns out that this ‘excuse’ is more popular than you think. After you finish the story and share your feedback on it, you might want to check it out. of Previous post about a guy who got out of babysitting the same way.

Having clear boundaries with everyone, including your relatives, is essential to having a healthy relationship.

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A man told how he got out of babysitting his relative’s children when they suddenly assigned him the duty at a family gathering.


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Caring for children should not be something that should be left to one family member all the time. Well, unless they’re really, really okay with it. The point is, you should never take care of a babysitter. Even if they are related to you by blood.

Clearly, the OP thought he was backed into a corner, which is why he decided to have a beer. Being a lightweight, he couldn’t babysit anyone, meaning his father took over. Does drinking alcohol solve all problems? Obviously, no.

The family needs to have an open and honest discussion about who is dividing childcare responsibilities fairly from now on. This way, they will be able to avoid further arguments and awkward situations.

A parenting blogger we spoke to a while ago explained that there are very clear limits on asking for help. She told that boundaries are important within families. Some relatives may take on additional responsibilities just to avoid awkward conversations.

“I think when setting boundaries with family members, being clear and using good communication are the best ways to go. You don’t want a family member to praise your actions for being rude or helping with childcare. I would hope that close family members can communicate freely about childcare expectations, but I know that personalities vary and some rather take on extra burdens and avoid conflict,” explains Samantha Scrugan, founder of the Walking Outside in Sleepers blog. During a first interview with us.


“Some families are very close, and aunts, uncles and grandparents are practically second parents to children. Others are more distant. Again, I think it’s important to set the ground rules and make sure Good communication is essential so that everyone is comfortable with the child’s care expectations.” She added that it was a relief to get help from time to time. But it is very important not to overuse this privilege.

Here’s what some people thought of the family drama after it went viral online.

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