TikTok’s favorite dog, Pug Noodles, dies at 14

Jonathan Graziano announced that his dog Noodle had died on Friday, December 2. He was 14 years old.

“He was at home, he was in my arms. It’s incredibly sad. It’s incredibly difficult,” Graziano said in an emotional video uploaded via tik tak on Saturday, December 3rd. “I always knew this day would come, but I never thought it would come.”


Noodle’s owner added that he hopes fans will still celebrate the dog’s long life.

Noodle and Jonathan Graziano. Contributed by Jonathan Graziano/Instagram

“Although it is very sad, I want to encourage you to celebrate it while we overcome this sadness,” Graziano said. “He lived for 14 and a half years, which is about as long as a dog can live, and he made millions of people happy. What mileage. Thank you for loving him.”

He captioned the video, noting that he brought his beloved dog home from a dog shelter when Noodle was already an adult: “It has been a privilege for me to take care of Noodle for the last 7 years. The sweetest person that has ever been and will ever be. ❤️”.

Noodle has become a TikTok star amid the pandemic. He often predicted whether it would be a day of “bones” or a “day without bones”. Gratiano pulled Noodle out of his bed, and if the pug flopped back, it was a “no bones” day, which meant viewers needed to calm down and relax. If he got up, it was a “bones” day, encouraging followers to take risks.

TikTok's favorite dog Noodle Pug dies at age 14, 4 days after his last 'Bones' video

Jonathan Graziano with his dog Noodle. Contributed by Jonathan Graziano/Instagram

“Bone Day is a day when you just have to get on with your ambition or the task you have been doing,” Graziano explained during the meeting. Today coming in October 2021. “A boneless day is a day when you’re just allowed to wear soft clothes, groom yourself, take a bath.”

He said CNN later that month: “I had absolutely no idea that this would be the barometer by which the nation would predict how their day would go. … I think it was a really good reason for people to either get out of bed in the morning or take better care of themselves.”

Noodle’s last “bone” day was just four days before his d*ath.


“Good evening everyone. This is raw footage. Noodle just walked a whole block. He just walked a whole block,” Gratiano said excitedly. “So we’re officially having a night of bones. I repeat, we’re having a night of bones. Whatever your day is, bring it together. We’ve got bones. I’m so proud guys! He’s so upbeat.”

Noodle has over 4.5 million followers on TikTok and over 277,000 followers on Instagram. The puppy’s popularity inspired Graziano to write the New York Times best-selling children’s book Noodles and a Day Without Bone, which was published in June.

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