Three weeks ago, Christine McGuinness hinted at a special friendship with Chelsea Grimes.

Christine McGuinness and Chelsea Grimes’ friendship has grown stronger over the past year.

The couple, who were spotted kissing in Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park last week, have grown closer in recent months.



Christine McGuinness and Chelsea Grimes shared a series of sweet comments on social media.1 credit
The model and the singer became friends over the past year.


The model and the singer became friends over the past year.Credit: Instagram/mrscmcguinness

Christina, 34, who split from TV presenter husband Paddy, 49, shared a sweet message on Chelsea’s social media last month hinting at their strong bond a few weeks ago.

The Chelsea football star, 30, posted a candid photo of herself looking out of a window in an empty room.

She captioned it: “Been busy playing the game of life.”


Mom-of-three Kristin was quick to share a supportive message in the comments section, writing, “Life is a game and you win.”

Christine McGuinness says 'dreams do come true' after kissing Chelsea Grimes
Christine McGuinness breaks silence after kissing best friend Chelsea Grimes

In response, Chelsea simply wrote: “We are winning.”

Last month, the couple spent a luxurious holiday together in Crete.


Chelsea shared a series of bikini shots and captioned the post, “Business or Pleasure,” while Christina posted a series of fire emoji in the comments section.

The singer-songwriter quickly responded to the compliment and took to social media to post cute comments and heart emojis on pictures of Christina.

In a recent glamor shot of Christine in a velvet Chelsea corset, she wrote, “You are a dream.”

In another clip, she posted a dripping emoji in a video of Christina pulling out her clothes.


The couple were spotted kissing last Thursday night at a celebratory event in London.

He also saw the duo beaming as they circled the sprawling tourist attraction, picking up many Pokémon stuffed animals along the way.


A viewer told us: “It was a nice moment between Christina and Chelsea as they sat on the bench outside and enjoyed the live music.

“They wore matching wool hats and even danced a little once.”

Shortly after their celebratory evening, the former Chelsea footballer and songwriter took to her Instagram page to re-post a video of actress Zendaya revealing the concept of “good people”.

The Dune actress can be heard saying, “Some people are just good people and you can just feel it.

“And I don’t know how to explain it, but there is this little spark that they have, or this little feature that they have, that you feel safe and happy around them.

“I don’t know what it is, but some people have it and it’s special.”

Kristin and Chelsea’s friendship flourished during the filming of the ITV reality show The Games.

Since then they have traveled abroad together in Croatia, Santorini and Crete.

In June, Kristen Bell Tattoos photographed them on a Sunday, walking hand in hand through a girls’ party with other buddies in Croatia.

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This summer, model Kristin and Top Gear host Paddy announced their divorce after 11 years of marriage.

At the time, a joint statement on their Instagram pages said, “We made the difficult decision to part ways a while ago, but our main goal, as always, is to continue to love and support our children.”

Kristin and her husband Paddy McGuinness separated in July.


Kristin and her husband Paddy McGuinness separated in July.1 credit

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