This woman is having a real-life Hallmark Movie moment, and people online are enjoying it

Christmas is approaching with all its unique moments – a Christmas tree, festive lights, and thus the completely childlike anticipation of magic that only distinguishes this holiday. And indeed, no single day of the year is associated with so many incredible stories that are so hard to believe, but are actually quite real.

There is a special sub-genre of romantic Christmas comedies with almost identical plots that might seem silly and far-fetched at any other time of the year, but not at Christmas! Furthermore, in this magical time, reality itself seems to change, showing us that the most unimaginable stories come true.


For example, something similar happened recently. Sheila WatsonA Los Angeles-based journalist who writes about books and strategy. Sheila shared the story in a series of tweets that went completely viral, garnering a total of over 150K likes and nearly 6K retweets. And the most interesting thing is that in the comments people share their versions of how this story should develop further…

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The author of the post shared a romantic pre-Christmas story that happened to him recently.


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So, now the plot twist. Sheila had brought her Christmas tree home and was now trying unsuccessfully to get it off the top of her car. The Christmas tree was big and heavy, so the author of the post had already made more than one unsuccessful attempt to wrangle it. Usually in romantic comedies, just then, a nice guy comes to the h*roine and helps her…


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Image credit: Shylawhittney

A handsome tattooed shirtless stranger helps the author bring the Christmas tree literally to his porch

And what do you think happened? Yeah, damn it, Sheila heard a voice behind her, turned around – and saw a handsome, shirtless and tattooed man walking towards her. As a result, the stranger not only removed the Christmas tree from the roof of the car, but also delivered it to the porch of the original poster’s home. In response to Shaila’s thanks, the boy gently explains that it’s just his small-town manners.


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Sheila admits that she was so upset at the time that she didn’t even think to ask the stranger for her phone number (yes, in the best traditions of Christmas comedies). However, she’s sure he lives somewhere nearby, and that they’re still destined to meet to continue this ‘Christmas rescue’ (which the OP thinks will be called her Hallmark movie).

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In the comments, people started coming up with ideas on how the story should play out.

We have to say that very soon many experts on Christmas comedies appeared in the comments, and they competed with each other to advise Sheila on how to proceed. For example, she now has to go to a local cafe, join a local cause or protest or go Christmas shopping on a busy weekend – usually, our favorite romantic movies. Have to act like h*roines.

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Other popular suggestions included walking the dog around the neighborhood several times a day, and if the dog was not available, borrowing it from friends or acquaintances for a few days. Or, who are we kidding, just walking a pigeon. In the end, in this case, it is not important, only the process is important.

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Perhaps the author should find another heavy object in his car and struggle to get it out.

Another clever and funny idea on how to get a guy who likes Sheila back is to get another heavy object in your car and struggle to get it out, so she definitely once Then it will be seen. And at that point, the OP would just have to say something like: “We need to stop meeting like this!”

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In the comments, people have always appreciated the idea of ​​carrying a mug of hot chocolate with her. Anyway, next time he’ll definitely be in a nice warm deer-embroidered sweater (though then his tattoos won’t show and Shayla won’t even recognize him) and then he’ll have to throw his chocolate over that sweater.

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If the author has come to town to shut down her local family-owned Christmas ornament factory, that’s very bad news for her, say commentators.

By the way, people in the comments asked if Sheila planned to close the local family-owned Christmas ornament factory. Because if that’s why she came to town, then the guy she met must have inherited the factory from his grandparents, in which case that’s very bad news for the original poster…

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And another interesting plot twist for this story: at the Christmas celebration, our h*roine will see this guy with her boyfriend, and she is so devastated that she swears off men. But the next day she runs into him at Starbucks and he asks her out. He is completely confused until his equally attractive twin brother appears and says: “Hello!” And then she melts. the end.

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Let’s just agree that after such a happy ending, we don’t want to write anything at all, and we’re talking about Hallmark here, not Marvel, but still, we’ll find ourselves a scene after the credits. will allow So now, please feel free to write your comments with your plot ideas for this story, and then we can definitely write: “The shirtless guy with the cute tattoo will be back.”

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