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There is no such thing as a British comedy. While it has adoring fans and cynical critics, there’s no doubt that this particular brand of sharp wit and self-awareness and self-deprecating humor has had a major impact on the world. The United Kingdom’s soft power arsenal is vast and far-reaching.

But British joke culture is about more than Black Cadre, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and endless speculation about scones. The closer you look at everyday life in Britain, the more you realize just how weird things can get. gave ‘No context UK’ The Facebook page documents some interesting memes about British everyday life. And anyone who has ever lived there will probably find them incredibly relatable.


Check out the funniest pictures below, upvote the ones you like best, and tell us which one made you laugh and think about how much you love your Sunday roast right now. will come. Cheer!



At the time of writing, ‘No context UKShe was just shy of 11,000 followers on Facebook. British memes and daily comedy are actually very popular topics on social media. Naturally, there is little competition for Internet users’ attention.

For example, here KristenBellTattoos.comWe’ve featured ‘Casual UK’, ‘No Context Brits’, and ‘No Context UK’. If you’re in the mood for more Albion-esque wit and quips after enjoying this list, read them.


Some of the pictures shared by the founder of ‘No Context Britain’ can lead to deep and thought-provoking questions, such as: ‘What?’, ‘Huh?’, and, ‘What in the name of the King is going on? !’

It would be nice to have more context. Without it, though, we are free to make our own interpretations. On the other hand, anyone who has lived in the UK for a long period of time can consider the context.


Someone who is only in London for a few days on holiday, however, might not. Thankfully, this is the internet we’re talking about, and there are plenty of people who will be more than happy to explain memes to you.


Bor Panda was contacted some time ago. British humorist and journalism major Arian ShirinUK, for discussions about its food and weather.

He described the British character as “funny, grumpy, cynical, affectionate, passive-aggressive, subdued, kind, tolerant, and reserved.”

According to British comedy expert Aryan, the UK (for him at least) means: “National Trust historic properties, Grade II-listed houses, Routemaster buses, old magazines in doctors’ waiting rooms, weather reports.” People moaning (and moaning about) public transport and celebrities and the government)…queues, sunburn, red post boxes, royals, pop music, and great jokes.

The comedy pro shares his recommendations when it comes to sampling British cuisine. “Go to the seaside town of Whitby and try fish and chips. Or steak and kidney pie with gravy. You can thank me later,” he advises anyone visiting Britain for the first time. Is.

Meanwhile, earlier, writer Ariane was kind enough to share her thoughts on the state of journalism in the UK. He shared his thoughts on tabloids (aka ‘red tops’) with Board Panda.

He said, “I think the British press, especially the sensationalist yellow press, uses a lot of puns, humor and puns in the headlines.

“You also have our tabloid Daily Sport, which I wouldn’t even class as a newspaper because it’s mostly made for entertainment and headlines!” said the author.

“I definitely think people read the play purely for raunchy fun and to see scantily clad women, because that’s what it’s for.”

He noted that “Many people get all their news from the Sun or the Star, which is a bit disturbing. They certainly believe everything they read in those papers – and they shouldn’t.” !

When it comes to writing a good, catchy headline, it really depends on the topic being covered. “What’s the human interest angle? What will get my attention? You have to distill the story to its essence in one sentence. What makes it entertaining?”

And no collection of memes is ever complete without referencing at least one weird British headline. Puns, angles, as well as the topics themselves, are usually none other than the other. And they are generally prime examples of how humor works in Britain.

Which of these memes confused you the most? Was there someone who made you laugh and send it to your friends? Dear Pandas, What is quintessentially ‘British’ to you? We’d love to hear what you think, so pop down to the comments section and spill the (baked) beans.

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