This online Twitter museum finds posts ridiculously interesting, here are 130 of the best

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There are three things we believe without a shadow of a doubt. First, planet Earth is ruled by a shadowy cabal of feline overlords.Illumeownati Who spread their influence through cat pictures. Second, pineapple Definitely The pizza is on, and there’s nothing you can say that’s going to change our minds. And finally: reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

The past is a far stranger land than many of us think. We are surrounded by weirdness every day on the Internet, on the subway, and in our own minds. But after taking a good look through the blurry black-and-white static of the decades and centuries that preceded us, we can safely say that we always are living in an extended special. The Twilight Zone.


From quirky vintage contraptions, knick-knacks, and clothing to bunting products, advertisements, and inventions, these are some of the strangest things that human history and creativity have to offer. ‘The Museum of Curiosities’ Twitter page, powered by Monsieur Pompier’s Traveling Freak Show Musical group

Cue spooky carnival music and grab a bag of popcorn, pandas, we’re about to travel back in time with a capital ‘W.’ Don’t forget to share your favorite photos, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. Just…don’t feed the clowns. Intrigued by the photos? See also Monsieur Pompier’s social and album. His music has a beautiful cool sound. Paul, aka Monsieur Pompier himself, was contacted, and was kind enough to tell us about ‘The Museum of Curiosities’. One amazingly cool thing is that he’s actually planning to turn it into a real-life museum! This is the first time he has revealed this publicly. “The big news is that I’m making the museum a reality! Next year I’m hoping to open my own real-life physical museum of curiosities here in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland. I’m not saying much about it. Could. Now, but if anyone wants to help make this dream a reality. They can donate hereCheck out our full interview below, Pandas!

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