This online page sends memes to radicalize your friends, and here are 106 of the most eye-opening memes.

If you’re not already aware. Anti-work subreddit, it is a vast and powerful community online. It is collected. 2.4 million members since its inception almost a decade ago, and it provides “a platform for people who want to quit work, are curious about quitting work, maximize a work-free life. Want to take advantage, want more information about anti-work ideas. And want personal help with your own jobs/work-related struggles. But with all the passion of r/Antiwork members to end capitalism, They also have a great sense of humor. After all, there’s a little truth in every joke, right?

If you’re not worried about capitalism, or don’t think much about it, that’s fine. We’re not here to radicalize you or to urge you to read the Communist Manifesto before bed. But if you’re interested in why so many people are angry with the system, let’s talk about the reasons why capitalism isn’t making your life better.


investment Considered a great way to build wealth and gain independence over your company without too much interference from the government. It is the opposite of communism, which has been shown to prove many of the problems in practice, so many people have become attached to the idea of ​​capitalism. But in practice, it also tends to reveal flaws, such as widespread wealth inequality. Yes, you have. Opportunity To become very rich, but it is also possible, and very likely, to have very little money.

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