This little girl brings her pet to school in a sippy cup, forgets about it, and drinks from the cup before the teacher notices

It is often believed that childhood is one of the funniest and brightest periods in a person’s life. Learning about the world can lead a child to make some crazy but hilarious decisions that an adult may not understand at first. Maybe your parents also have some funny and funny story about you that they can’t forget till this day. One of these incidents happened to this family, which has a 3-year-old daughter. This little girl is now known as the kid who brought her fish to school because she loved her pet so much that she didn’t want to leave him alone at home. The tweet narrating this story soon went viral and brought a smile to many people’s faces.

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It’s Little Peyton Who Snatched His Pet Fish To School Without His Parents Noticing

image credit: Conor_J_Hughes

Watching kids grow up is an interesting and sometimes quite fun process as they play some fun tricks

image credit: Conor_J_Hughes


Twitter user @Connor_J_Hughes decided to share some screenshots of a conversation he had with his cousin, who has a 3-year-old daughter. Messages said the girl took her fish, put it in a sippy cup and later forgot that was a pet, so she began drinking her water. He was later stopped by his teacher, who noticed that there was something in his water.

A Twitter user decided to share how her cousin’s 3-year-old daughter decided to bring her pet fish to school

image credit: Conor_J_Hughes


image credit: Conor_J_Hughes

It is later revealed that the little girl decided she couldn’t leave her pet fish at home because she “loves him so much”, so when no one was looking, she took a fish named Mermaid and gave it to her sippy. poured into the cup. which was filled with water. The girl named Peyton, being a caring child, didn’t forget to eat some fish.

The woman also sent a picture of a fish in a sippy cup as proof that her daughter had actually brought the fish to school.

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The girl’s mother, Lauren Scanlan, did not notice that her daughter had brought the fish with her to school. only when asked Interview, she revealed that before going to school, the girl asked her mother not to come in the room when she noticed that some fish food was spilled on the floor. The woman thought that maybe that was why Peyton looked so suspicious.


As the day went on, Lauren suddenly got a call from the school asking if the mother knew that her daughter had taken the fish with her. The teacher explained what happened and how she saw the fish in Peyton’s cup, who had forgotten at the time that Sippy was her pet friend inside the cup.

The man gave an update about the situation that the fish is alive

image credit: Conor_J_Hughes

image credit: Conor_J_Hughes


The story soon went viral and encouraged other parents to share funny stories featuring their kids doing weird but comical things. Some users became concerned about the pet and even viewed the condition as an act of animal cruelty. However, it was later confirmed that the mermaid was fine and that her tank was “updated” so that a similar situation would not happen again.

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The story made many people laugh at the online situation and the girl’s decision to put the fish in a sippy cup.

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The tweet encouraged a lot of users to share their experiences online and what happened with their kids

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Some people did not find this story funny and even though it was described as animal cruelty

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