This Facebook page focuses on all things, here are 100 Chucklesome Memes (New Pics)

“If you think you can get me to do what you want by threatening me… well, this is where you’re right,” Chris Knight said in True Genius. It is quite ironic that the desire to know everything there is to know about a particular subject, as well as the eagerness to learn, often became associated with the pejorative term, “nerd.”

Thankfully, that seems to be changing, as society as a whole becomes more accepting of geek culture and nerdiness, leading us all to appreciate memes. Really, does anything unite us more than memes? This Facebook page was called. “Nerdy Memes 4 U” is sharing the best geek content out there, and today we’re honored to check out more of it.


Be sure to vote for your favorite, leave some comments, and check out. of Previous article on the same topic. I will also share some popular memes of mine. Favorite “nerdy” let’s get into it!

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