This Company Is Roasted For Posting An Insensitive Sign About Hiring An Employee Who “Doesn’t Cry”

Looking for a job can seem like a long and exhausting process, leaving us with a lot of emotions, from making sure we’re the right fit for the company, to being disappointed after someone doesn’t call. That’s why there are so many tips and tricks on how to get the job of your dreams or the position you know is right for you. One of these trips is to really read what the workplace has to offer and try to work on your resume or adapt yourself to what the place expects.

Too often, workplaces that are keen to find a good, hardworking employee ensure that their job offer looks promising and attractive. They make sure to include all the necessary details to not only know what kind of workplace it is and what an employee is given in return for their services, but also add some additional perks that their potential employee will get. really want to be there. For this reason, we have become accustomed to seeing well written job offers. However, Twitter user @jensontitus decided to share a job offer that was spotted at a Creation Organic Juicery.


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Creation Organic Juicery has recently invited those who are looking for job opportunity to try their luck in their company.

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Recently, Twitter user Jenson Titus uploaded a photo taken at Creation Organic, inviting interested people to join his company. In the sign, they said they are “still looking for that special someone”: one who works hard, is never late, never makes excuses, etc. At first, this may seem like the requirements that every workplace wants from its employees. , However, the list also included conditions such as having an open schedule, refraining from crying, “having no bulls”, and everything to do “with a smile”. This action proposal, shared by a Twitter user, worried a lot of people because it contained a lot of “red flags”, proving why employee turnover is so common.


The sign garnered a lot of attention after a Twitter user decided to share it online

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The company’s requirements looked like a list of red flags, which makes it clear why it’s hard for them to keep their employees for longer.

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The tweet, which garnered around 36k likes, later received a response from the company. Creation Organic said they removed the sign after receiving some criticism from people. He explained this situation by saying that the sign went out in public without being approved by those responsible. The company assured readers that they value their employees but that “retaining good employees” is difficult.

Creation Organic took down the sign and explained the situation from their point of view


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Creation Organic also addressed the “no rowing” issue as many people online were concerned with the lack of understanding that sometimes employees don’t hold onto their emotions in certain situations. The note said that, in fact, their employees themselves are quite emotional and therefore their sign was poorly written.

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People online were quick to notice what some of the requirements written on the sign actually meant.

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Some people decided to look at this situation online with a little humor

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