This 1991 comedy-horror mega-flop starring Tupac is still worth a watch.

Released in 1991, Nothing But Trouble tells the story of a financial publisher (Chevy Chase) and a lawyer (Damie Moore) who are trapped in a creepy mansion owned by a 106-year-old judge (Dan Aykroyd) and his strange family. The film will be Dan Aykroyd’s directorial debut and will feature an all-star cast of talent such as Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, John Candy and Valri Bromfield, among many others. Despite the talent on board, the horror comedy is over critically and financially disappointing.


His acting debut in a small role will also be Tupac Shakur and the hip-hop group Digital Underground. Along with being an influential rapper, Tupac went on to have a prolific acting career, starring in films such as Juice and Poetic Justice (via IMDb).

In recent years, fans have tried to defend this strange film as an underrated gem. Reddit thread was started by a user u/Comic_Book_Readerand they think the film deserves more attention. Others have responded with equally avid research into the film, such as, u/liquid ether, who says that “Everything about this movie is crazy, it’s unbelievable.” Meanwhile, u/PallSerpent praises the inclusion of Tupac’s rap scene, saying “Dan Aykroyd may not be the greatest director … but he has … phenomenal taste in music!”

Nothing But Trouble may have been just that for Aykroyd and company at the time of its release, but we hope audiences will continue to cling to the cult classic as time goes on.



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