Things you only notice about the Mortal Kombat movies after watching them more than once

You can easily watch all three Mortal Kombat movies live without questioning Jax as a character. He’s big, muscular, and his big, muscular arms are made of metal – it’s the perfect place to stop digging into Jax and just embrace his presence among magical ninjas and elemental sorcerers. But the more you watch the movies, the more you wonder what’s really going on with these weapons, and the 2021 movie only makes the questions even more confusing.


1995’s Mortal Kombat completely ignored the theme of Jax’s mechanical arms, leaving them up in the air, whether they are power, power armor, or prosthetics – and if the latter is the case, whether Jax lost his arms due to injury. and require replacement, or did he deliberately remove them to add robotic arms as weapons? Mortal Kombat: Annihilation reveals at least a little more, as it shows Motaro calling his hands weapons and tearing one off Jax’s body. Jax himself then rips off the other, revealing two intact (and bent) arms.

However, in 2021’s Mortal Kombat, Jax loses his arms, gets simple mechanical replacements, and then activates his Arcana power to transform his arms into more complex cybernetic constructs. We can only speculate that his power is some form of technomancy, but the details remain completely unknown.


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