Things Only Hardcore Fans of the House of Dragons Know About Aymond Targaryen

The second son of King Viserys I Targaryen and his second wife, Queen Alycent Hightower, Aemond was born in 110 AC. in a family on the brink of war. In the following years, the dragon’s house would split into two factions: the Blacks (led by Viserys’ eldest daughter and named heiress, Princess Rhaenyra) and the Greens (led by a queen who wanted to install Aegon II, Viserys’s eldest son). son, on the Iron Throne).


Aymond is the third child of Alycent and Viserys, after Aegon II and Helena (Phya Saban), Aegon’s sister-wife. (Dairon Targaryen, the youngest of Viserys and Alycent’s descendants, spends the entire first season offscreen in Oldtown with his dragon Tessarion.) According to George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel Fire and Blood, baby Aymond was half the size of his older brother, but twice as ferocious, a feeling that encapsulates the personality of the one-eyed prince. Unlike Ægon, the firstborn, Aymond must keep his legacy, not pass it on to him.

Of the four Targaryen-Hightower siblings, Eymond was the last to become a dragon rider. Ægon bonds to his dragon Sunfire at birth; The Sunfire Egg is placed in Aegon’s cradle, in accordance with Targaryen tradition. Daeron has Tessarion, and Helena bonds with the adult dragon Dreamflame, whom Aemond unsuccessfully attempts to take back in Episode 6 “The Princess and the Queen”. However, everything changes for Aymond when he eventually lays claim to the biggest and baddest dragon since the Black Dread Balerion – Vhagar – in Episode 7 “Sign of the Drift”.


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