The Worst Things The Seinfeld Group Ever Did Together On A Show

The Season 6 finale, The Understudy, features a hilarious cameo from the iconic Bette Midler, who stars in the universe of the musical version of Rochelle, Rochelle, the art-house film that became a popular joke. through the series. As Jerry is dating her stunt double Jennis, the team makes contact with Bette herself during a charity baseball event. With George as the catcher showing a snub as she approaches the plate, Bette flips the tables as he approaches the bat, yelling, “Come get the shrimp!” and “Give me your bigmouth shrimp!” All this can be dismissed as friendly teasing, but as is often the case in Seinfeld, the situation soon takes on a mind of its own.


While trying to hit a home run, George crashes right into Betty, causing the other players to turn on Jerry and George and chase them off the field. To make matters worse, Jennis becomes convinced that this was a malicious act on their part to ensure she gets the role she dubs for, which causes her to treat the group with fear and apprehension. Although Jerry, George, and Elaine try to visit the hospital, superfan Bette Kramer now suffocates Bette with attention and worship, which eventually leads to him lightly kidnapping Bette (although she doesn’t seem to mind). Meanwhile, Elaine invites the women from her nail salon to “Rochelle, Rochelle”, but when they see that it’s not Bette, they become furious and leave, helping reset Jannis’ already difficult job.

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