The Worst Things Kahn the Conqueror Ever Did

In one of Kang’s craziest plans, he appears in the Avengers Mansion when a bright star appears above it. Naming it the Dawn Star, Kang says that’s why he pokes around the 20th century so often, leaving probes that will tell him when a star will appear. After he easily overwhelms the Avengers with his energy-absorbing macrobots, he says that the Dawn Star foreshadows the Heavenly Madonna who will give birth to the Heavenly Messiah. As the father of the most powerful being in the world, Kang theorizes he will make it Everybody powerful.


This plan is problematic for many reasons. First, he doesn’t know exactly who the Sky Madonna is, so he kidnaps three women at Avengers Mansion: Scarlet Witch, Mantis, and Agatha Harkness. Everyone assumes it will be the Scarlet Witch. Second, he plans to impregnate the Heavenly Madonna, whether she likes it or not. This isn’t the first time Kahn has treated women like objects, and it certainly won’t be the last.

The Heavenly Madonna turns out to be a praying mantis. Luckily, Immortus seems to help Hawkeye and Swordsman defeat the Avengers, who are now powering the Macrobots, prevent World War III and ultimately thwart Kang’s plan. Kang does indeed kill the beloved swordsman Mantis.but later she fulfills her destiny by marrying the tree-like Cotati. Kang is sent with the Space Phantom due to his problems.


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