The woman wonders if she is wrong to tell her mother that she is foolish to expect full financial support from the children.

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Having a deep and strong bond with your family is something that a person should cherish because sadly, not everyone is gifted with it. Being loved and cared for by parents in childhood and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship as adults is something that everyone should be happy about. By having this kind of relationship with their children, most parents feel secure knowing that they have raised their children to be good people who will take care of them later in life when needed. While some parents are grateful and happy for their children’s input when days get tough, there are some parents who expect full care from their children, believing that this is when They pay for care back in the day. They were still helpless little children. This has been a hotly debated topic for many. The same debate started when Reddit user @u/Sea-Giraffe-8040 shared what her mother thinks about caring for an aging parent and what she expects from her daughter.

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It’s a great feeling to know that your parents are always there for you even after you grow up, perhaps with your own family.

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The author of the post began her story by explaining that she had a conversation with her own mother, who revealed that when children start earning money, they should take all financial responsibility from their parents. The woman believes that whether parents have the resources for themselves or not, their children should step up and pay for everything. However, her daughter disagreed, saying that parents should not see children as their “retirement plans”, expecting them to spend every penny spent on their children years later. Will return the item. The OP agreed that children should provide for their parents in times of struggle, but expecting them to be bound in this way is not the right way of thinking.

But can parents always count on the fact that their children will take care of them when the time comes?


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What started as a discussion soon turned into an argument as the daughter told her mother that although it is nice to help her parents, it should not be forced. This is when the mother gets mad saying that her daughter is spoiled and ungrateful, and that she even “wasted” all this money raising her. This conversation makes the young woman wonder if she is really selfish for not wanting to take all the responsibility and live her life centered on herself.

The story inspired others online to share their thoughts on the matter. Some admitted that often this approach comes from culture and traditions. However, this seems to contradict the reality of simply not being able to take care of yourself and your parents due to factors such as the economy, wages, prices, and changing needs. Someone online was curious if the woman’s mother provided the same kind of support to her parents. From what the OP who lives in Bangladesh shared, it seemed that the mother did not have that kind of responsibility due to certain circumstances. But the author of the post found himself lost between following the traditions of his culture and family and wanting to live his life.


After this Reddit user had an argument with her mother, who disagreed that children should take full financial responsibility of their parents, she went online to ask people for their opinion.

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Many online users agreed with the woman, saying that it should be the wish of the son or daughter to take care of their parents and not something forced. Some even advised the daughter to sever ties with her mother, but she admitted that she did not want to do that to gain some understanding from her mother. What do you think about this situation? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

The mother was angered by her daughter’s words and even admitted to “wasting” all this money on her.

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According to one topic by the Stowell AssociatesCare management and caregiving services It’s important to sit down with your parents and talk about the future for two reasons: to avoid an unpleasant discussion and to prepare yourself for what’s to come. Is. Talking about your finances can be uncomfortable, but it’s foolish to think that someone will take care of you without knowing your entire financial situation. So it is recommended to talk to your parents about it and find out what are some of the obstacles like loans and debt which may cause some financial loss in future. It is also important to assess the current living conditions of your parents. Do they live alone in a big house that takes a lot of money and time to maintain and your parents can’t do it themselves? It may be time to sell the place and choose a smaller but more convenient alternative. It’s also important to remember that you’re not alone and think of other close family members, friends, or even professionals who can help you by sharing their knowledge and experience.

People online were quick to agree with Betty and share their opinions on the matter, even getting some more information from the author of the post.

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