The woman wonders if she is surprised by her husband’s refusal to pay 30% of her salary to use one of their rooms as an office.

“What’s mine is yours, baby!” Many relationships work with understanding along these lines. My partner lets me borrow his earbuds, and I let him use my blender. We buy groceries together, so it doesn’t matter who picked up what at the store, all the food in our apartment is fair game for both of us. We may buy things individually, but we live together now, and we always respect all of our things. No need to argue about who owns which.

But every couple works in their own way, and apparently, some people like to draw lines in the sand about how each person is related. earlier this week, A woman took to Reddit. Asking whether she was wrong to refuse to pay her husband for “providing” work from home to the office. The office is simply a room in their house that has not been occupied before, but the person has suddenly decided that it warrants paying the rent.


Below, you can read the full story as well as some responses from frustrated readers, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Then if you are looking for someone else. An article that describes the drama surrounding spouse finances can be found here. right here!

When her husband started demanding compensation for allowing her to use their home office, the woman turned online for advice.

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Agreeing on how to balance finances in a marriage can be difficult. If one person earns a lot more than the other, they shouldn’t feel expected to give their partner unlimited access to their funds. Partners also don’t have to disclose how much they earn together. But once that money has been spent on things that both parties benefit from, like a house, appliances, and a Netflix subscription, it seems a little unfair to put those things on the other person’s head. When you love someone, you Want to share with them. Love usually makes people more generous than stingy or greedy.


Requiring that one partner give a portion of their income to their spouse, especially a significant portion like 30%, actually qualifies as a form of financial abuse. According to Very good mind“Financial abuse [in a relationship] Involves controlling the victim’s ability to acquire, use and maintain financial resources. Those affected financially may be prevented from working.

Some of the trademark signs of financial abuse are exploiting a partner’s resources, interfering with their work, and controlling shared assets. “They can demand that you turn over your paychecks, passwords and credit cards,” writes Sherry Gordon for Very Well Mind. This husband can also interfere with his wife’s work if he starts making it more difficult for her to work from home, unless she agrees to start paying “office rent”. Their home is a joint asset that he has also decided to control, making it impossible for the woman to feel safe and secure there.

Perpetrators of financial abuse often seek to make their partners dependent by pressuring them to quit their jobs. Although this man has not reached that point, he needs to control his spouse’s finances. become very anxious. As many of the commenters noted, this woman needs to stand her ground and refuse to give in to her demands. And if he doesn’t seem to budge, it might be time to say goodbye to the marriage.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic below, Panda. I hope you’ve never found yourself in a similar situation, but if you have, feel free to share any words of wisdom you have. And if you’re interested in reading another Board Panda article that discusses similar topics, we recommend you check it out. This story Next.

Readers have assured the woman that she is right to stand her ground, with many calling out the husband for his ridiculous demands.

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