The woman wants to complete her “dream hike” but her partner says she’s not fit enough to do it, so she goes off alone, leaving them worried.

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What keeps some people moving forward in life is the constant desire to do something interesting and put check marks on their bucket list. And while no one can stop you from making your dreams come true, it’s always nice to have like-minded people to go along with you and give you support when needed or to achieve another important milestone. Be there to celebrate. However, the road to one’s dreams can be quite rocky at times, especially if you have to fight someone who is there to cheer you up. A Reddit user decided to share a situation he found himself in and asked others when he went hiking with his girlfriend to fulfill one of her dreams. And then finally back off, did they do it or was it right to expect it? Minute, thinking she would do the same. The story, which garnered nearly 12k upvotes, quickly became interesting to many readers who had to decide whether the man was a joke to their girlfriend or not.

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Being able to achieve your dreams is one of the greatest things that can happen to a person.

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The author of the post begins his story by explaining that his girlfriend is very fond of hiking, and because of that, he planned a trip to the Grand Canyon to complete his “dream hike.” She wanted and her partner would be with her. Although this sounds like a very interesting plan, it is not well thought out. The day before the main hike, they went for another hike, after which the original poster realized that he was not as prepared and fit as his girlfriend. For this reason, they thought it would be better if they left it.

A Reddit user wanted to know if he wanted to cancel a hike to get in the way of his girlfriend’s dream.


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The OP also stated that the hike his girlfriend was planning was not meant to be done in one day and a park ranger advised her against it. However, the woman had enough confidence in herself and her abilities, so she decided to go it alone. This didn’t sit well with her partner who asked her if they could do it the next day after she recovered, but the woman had already made up her mind saying that she would risk bad weather the next day. Don’t want to take the risk, so she’ll go on the day she originally planned to. She even said that she could add one more time if her partner wanted to do it after he recovered.

The man said his girlfriend was an experienced hiker who wanted to complete her “dream hike,” so they decided to go with her.


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The plan the girlfriend suggested didn’t sit well with the author of the post. They became worried because they felt they were left behind at the camp site. Then the OP revealed that his girlfriend ended her trip in one day, but he was hurt that she chose to do it without him, even though they tried their best to make her do something like that. whom he loves. The whole situation made the author of the post wonder if he was right to ask his partner to cancel big plans for him. Many Reddit users couldn’t understand why the author of the post decided to go out with his girlfriend if he knew she wasn’t good enough for him. In this situation, commentators sided with the girlfriend, saying that she should never have sacrificed the opportunity to do what she had always wanted to do. What do you think about this situation? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

However, the author of the post changed his mind after one of the hikes, realizing that he was not fit enough, just a day after starting the trip.

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Their doubts didn’t stop the girlfriend from pursuing her dream, so she went solo and completed the journey.


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For those who love to spend time outdoors or want to start doing so, here are some tips and tricks to help make the experience as good as possible. According to CleverHikerIt is important to train yourself before embarking on a long or difficult journey. Remember why you want to go outside: Do you enjoy peace and quiet, nature? Maybe you like to read or want to be alone in the beautiful surroundings of nature? Hiking isn’t just about being able to start and finish, it’s about enjoying it and finding things that make you feel comfortable.

The whole situation left the Reddit user upset as he was left alone despite trying to love his partner.

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Training before long distances is also beneficial as it helps you avoid injuries and blisters, especially when wearing new shoes or bags. Being prepared helps you to be tough and see what things need to be improved or changed. Of course, an important part is staying consistent and making sure you’re training regularly, and reaching specific goals that help you become more flexible.


Many online users did not support the author of the story, which means that they should have prepared better.

Some though thought the original poster was selfish and wrong for not supporting his girlfriend’s dream.

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