The woman says she is not hungry, causing a scene where the daughter-in-law “gobbles” the food

Chances are, you’ve heard stories about difficult in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, at least once or twice. A lot of jokes and movies make fun of women who feel threatened by their son’s partners, and at the time it feels like a really common practice.

Perhaps this is because some of them refuse to acknowledge or understand that their children are adults capable of making their own decisions without their involvement, or perhaps it is a simple Have an attachment problem – whatever it is, it’s never fun and frankly, makes your life hell.


When you and your spouse are on the same page, dealing with such obstacles is relatively easy. You can limit communication or cut off the perpetrator altogether, but when your loved ones side with their clearly manipulative mother – that’s when things get a little tricky.

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You know what they say: “Sometimes you have to cut some people to keep them.”

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After leaving my mother-in-law nothing to eat, AITA said that she was not hungry.? – This internet user turned to one of Reddit’s most judgmental communities, asking its members if she really failed to leave her mother-in-law some food despite saying she wasn’t hungry. . The post received over 10K upvotes as well as 1.8K comments discussing the situation.

The woman wondered if she was wrong to leave nothing for her mother-in-law to eat when she said she was not hungry.


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The woman began her post with a brief introduction and explained that her family observes intermittent fasting, meaning they don’t eat anything after 5 p.m. However, it was then noted that during her period she Not so strict because his appetite increases. by that time.

Recently, the woman was craving a chicken sandwich, and to be polite, she asked her mother-in-law if she wanted one too. She refused, and since the author’s husband didn’t eat at the time, she just made one. Shortly after “messing” it up, her MIL returned to the kitchen to find her plate empty, and for some reason, the woman thought it would be a good idea to hit the creator of the post with a sarcastic comment.

She was shocked, “You did it so fast?!” To which the writer, a bit embarrassed, replied that it was his favourite. Some strange mind games ensued, as the author’s mother-in-law decided to kill her for not offering to cut someone, even though she had clearly told her she wasn’t hungry earlier.


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The woman kept hitting her poor daughter-in-law for not thinking of keeping something in the fridge in case someone gets hungry. He offered to make a new one, but quickly remembered that they had run out of chilies, so he opted to go and buy some instead. Needless to say, her MIL said not to worry – however, the author insisted.

She went to several convenience stores and just couldn’t find any. When the woman called her husband to ask what she should do, he advised her to go to a nearby shop.


When she finally got home and brought it to her mother-in-law, the woman refused to eat it, claiming she doesn’t eat takeout. She was adamant that she didn’t want that and she didn’t want anything else because she wasn’t hungry. She had just smelled the chili and just wanted to take a bite first.

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The author of the post told him to let him know if he needed anything and ate the sandwich too.

Surprise, surprise, the couple woke up the next morning to find it had been found. She texted the man, saying she would never set foot in their house again because of her “disrespect” from the daughter-in-law. Turns out, the woman eventually got hungry and went to snack on a sandwich but couldn’t find it.

Strangely, the woman’s husband was furious that she ate the sandwich and demanded an apology from her. It goes without saying that the author lashed out resulting in the man grabbing his jacket and leaving.

What do you think about this strange situation?

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