The woman gives her boyfriend advance warning that she won’t be able to work in November and December, and when the time comes, he freaks out.

Anyone who owns a business will tell you that the few months before Christmas are the busiest, but also the most profitable. The shopping marathon usually starts in November when the Black Friday sales start right before Thanksgiving and it doesn’t stop after, because you also have the Cyber ​​Week sales. People are hunting for deals to buy that item they’ve been eyeing all year and stocking up on Christmas gifts.

A woman on Reddit is one of those business owners and she takes this period very seriously because if she works hard now, she can relax the rest of the year and take all of January off. She works so much that she doesn’t even have time to do chores. This led to her falling out with her boyfriend, even though he warned her that this would happen.


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The business owner works non-stop during November and December for work, which her boyfriend doesn’t understand.

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The Original Poster (OP) has been running his business for almost 5 years now, so he has his set rhythm which includes grinding in the pre-Christmas period, decompressing in January and taking it easy for the rest of the year. Profit earned in the months of November and December.


During these two months, the woman works for about 12-18 hours and doesn’t really do much else. She prepares meals in October so she doesn’t waste time cooking. Doesn’t work, which tends to happen a lot. to pile up

However, the woman feels that going through this intense period is worth it as for the rest of the year, she has more free time and enough savings to live on. Proof of her success is that she owns a house and recently her boyfriend moved in.

This woman has been doing this for almost 5 years and knows that if she works hard during these months, she will get rest throughout the year.


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This man has a regular full-time job and works a set number of hours each week. When he moved in, the OP warned him several times several months ago that in the months leading up to the biggest festivals of the year, she would be so busy that she would have to work alone and probably her work. Do it too.

The boyfriend had a weird reaction to the OP’s warning, because he didn’t really believe she would do that much and was pretty dismissive. And when the woman started working the hours she told him and stopped working, the man got upset.

He blows it off, kicking it out and behind a closed office door screaming how unfair it is that he has to do all the work himself.

But when she works 12-18 hours a day, she won’t do anything else in those two months.


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It’s important to point out that the OP used to live alone and never had a big mess at home because she didn’t even have time to cause it. Also, she will do a deep clean in January when she won’t work a day.

The mess the boyfriend was talking about was mostly his work and he was blowing up at the woman for not cleaning it up when she was working more than him, making more than him, and the rest of the year. was paying for their entertainment during Besides, he was warned about it several times.

When her boyfriend moved into her house, the woman warned him in advance and reminded him several times that he would be left alone to do chores.


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Readers were shocked at the audacity of this man. Not only because he didn’t believe his girlfriend at first when she said she was going to disappear to work for a while and then showed a surprised Pikachu face when she did, but Even for abusing him.

It was almost unanimous that a woman should kick her boyfriend out of the house for disrespecting her and not supporting her while he was enjoying the fruits of her labor.

At first he didn’t take much notice of his warning, but when he stopped working, the man became quite mad.

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Although people in this situation are more inclined to support the woman because of how much she works and the chaos in the house is mostly caused by her boyfriend who clearly disrespects her, usually But he is advised to participate equally in household chores.

This aspect of marriage is so important, in fact, that, among other things like having common interests and shared beliefs, 56 percent of married couples, including parents and non-parents, cited housework as a very important factor in a successful marriage. . Pew Research Center Survey

When the woman told her boyfriend that he could quit his chores and just do his own thing, he was still angry and abused her and shouted at her closed office door.

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Another interesting finding is that “those who earn the same as their partner are more likely to say that household labor is shared (65%) than those who earn less (52%) or More (51%).

So the workload outside the home and the size of a person’s income also influence how tasks are divided. “Of those parents who earn. less Compared to their partner, 41% say they personally do more than their partner, while only 6% say their partner does more around the house. And among the earners More Compared to their partner, 29% say their partner participates more in tasks, compared to 20% who say they personally do more.”

Messes were never an issue when the businesswoman lived alone and she thought the bottom line was worth the sacrifice, but wonder if she was wrong.

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Quartz argues that it doesn’t matter how different the incomes of two people in a relationship are, the more important aspect is “the distribution of scarce resources, and finding smart ways to allocate your own scarce resources.” ” Which means not everything will be split 50/50.

It really depends on the couple and even if, aside from the division of labor, it seems unfair, maybe it works for the couple. Clearly, it didn’t work for the OP’s boyfriend and people decided he was guilty. What is your opinion on this story? Let us know in the comments.

People in the comments were pointing out how disrespectful the boyfriend was and that he knew what was in store for him, so his protest was silly.

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