The woman asks if she’s a joke for not joining the family vacation to spend her days as a nanny

You only get so much vacation in a year. It’s worth spending it in a way that suits your needs, whether it’s a weekend in the mountains or on the couch. However, in certain situations, especially when family is involved, you may have to adjust and meet in the middle. For example, trying to decide on a destination.

Family vacations can be an enjoyable endeavor. But what if you don’t feel like it? As much fun as spending time with your loved ones can be, that doesn’t necessarily mean the activities they have in mind are as well.


A woman on Reddit Share your thoughts On a similar situation with the r/AITA community. User u/dionneandcher Told fellow Redditors about a trip her in-laws were planning, which wasn’t her type. With her husband, she usually spends her free time in the relaxing outdoors, while relatives want to take a trip to Disney. No wonder it didn’t look appealing. Things went down even further when the couple was accused of not liking children in the family and not caring about the other members as a whole.

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A redditor talked about an unexpected family vacation plan and the members’ reactions to her refusal to attend.


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Planning the vacation days you worked so hard for is not an easy task. It becomes even more problematic when there are many people involved. In the case of u/dionneandcherHer ideas of a perfect vacation were completely different from those of her in-laws. That’s why he chooses not to spend his money and free time on something that doesn’t appeal to him.

Paid time off (PTO) is one of the foundations of a healthy work-life balance. A well-deserved break is something people look forward to and plan ahead to make the most of it. Oh Surveys conducted by AARP It turns out that vacation time is not just fun time, but also brings other benefits. These include better sleep, more energy, increased productivity, and improved mental and overall health.

The number of paid holidays varies depending on the company and the number of years worked there. According to ZappiaA person in the US gets an average of 10 days of PTO per year after working for a company for a year. After five years with the company, the number of days increases to 15, and after two decades, you are eligible to enjoy 20 days of paid vacation annually. Some companies may also cover bank holidays. However, it is not mandatory. So it’s perfectly understandable to use this time to do something dear to your heart.

In her Reddit post, the OP clearly states that spending time in a crowded theme park is not her cup of tea, to put it mildly. She and her husband are usually more drawn to the peace and tranquility of nature than popular attractions bustling with people. Statista reveals That in 2021, the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Florida was visited by approximately 12.7 million people.

As much fun as it is for kids, adults might not find the kingdom so magical. Especially those who are childless. Despite having no children of their own, the OP and her husband were expected to join the trip, which meant looking after their nieces and nephews. After a polite refusal, the couple was reproached for not caring about them, which was not the case.

It is common for relatives to be involved in the care of their family members’ children. Often referred to as family, friend, and neighborhood babysitting, this kind of support can give parents a much-needed break. Research suggests. that it is the most prevalent form of non-parental child care. 33-59% of school-age children are supported by FFN caregivers.

However, this is only a legitimate option if a family member, friend, or neighbor has signed up for it. In the case of the redditor and her husband, it was revealed that the sister-in-law expected her to spend some time caring for her children. The couple doesn’t live up to expectations, which leads to conflict, and leaves the OP wondering—”Am I being a jerk here?”

Redditors have been engaging in discussion with questions and suggestions for the OP.

People in the thread had a lot to discuss and expressed their thoughts on similar situations.

Some Redditors suggested that everyone played an equal role in the unpleasant situation.

The OP provided an update for redditors to have a better understanding of the situation.

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