The woman asked if it was unreasonable for her not to allow a 4-month-old baby to sleep at MIL’s house

When it comes to parenting, everyone feels like they’re the expert. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great that your family and friends care so much about your baby’s well-being. Navigating the maze of advice is difficult when it’s up to you as a parent. Especially when it’s your in-laws who are pressuring you!

A mother with a 4-month-old daughter turned to the popular MomsNet forum. For advice After a critical situation arose in his family. Her in-laws built a beautiful room for the little girl and they would love her to stay often. However, there are two problems. The baby is still being breastfed. And she sleeps with her parents.


Thus, the mother does not feel that her daughter will be able to take regular naps anytime soon. Unfortunately, her mother-in-law has a different opinion, and is pressuring her not to breastfeed the baby “for too long.” What MIL thinks is right and what science says contradict each other. Scroll down for the mom’s full story, as well as how the internet reacted. You can share your thoughts about the family drama in the comments.

A mother with a baby girl turned to the Internet for some parenting advice.

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Her mother-in-law is pressuring her to have regular sleepovers at her house, even though the baby is barely 4 months old.



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Healthy boundaries are essential in any relationship, whether professional or family. But, let’s be honest, it’s a lot easier to enforce these boundaries at work than with someone you’re very close to. You are family after all! Saying ‘no’ diplomatically can also be difficult.

However, this can lead to very uncomfortable situations down the road. Your loved ones need a clear understanding of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior towards your children. And since one’s in-laws are not mind readers (even though they seem like they are!), you need to communicate with them regularly as openly as you can.

Explain to them why you continue to breastfeed your baby without sounding defensive. Point out that the sleepover is a great idea and that the room the in-laws have created is fantastic, but that it will all have to wait until their granddaughter is a little older. .

Of course, no one should pressure you to wean your baby. According to the World Health Organization, mothers should breastfeed their babies. Up to 2 years or more. Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding. At least for the first 6 months. After that, the mother can breastfeed in addition to adding solid foods to the diet.

In short, there is a general consensus that babies should be exclusively breastfed for at least about half a year, and possibly for much longer after that. It all comes down to what method the mother feels is best for her baby after the first trimester. It is their decision. It’s certainly not up to his in-laws, no matter how much they want their grandson to be gone as soon as possible.

Some parents who read the story were completely supportive of the mother. Here’s what he had to say about the whole situation

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