The wife wonders if she’s really a jerk for not giving her husband and his grieving girlfriend some privacy.

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Most people would probably agree that friendship is what makes life shine.

It is an absolute necessity that contributes on every level, enhancing our happiness and giving us a sense of purpose and self-worth.


Also, friends act as our anchors in difficult times. You know you can always count on them to lend a sympathetic ear, whether it’s because you’ve broken up somewhere in the middle, lost your job, lost a long-term relationship, been rejected, or As in this case, learned some terrible news about your pet.

However, there are other situations — namely, when friendships develop between people of the opposite s*x — when it might raise a question or two.

We hear it over and over again: There can be no real, lasting interracial friendship without the s*xual element. So, is it really so? And does the author of the post have a right to feel uncomfortable?

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When a partner has a deep friendship with a member of the opposite s*x, even the most secure relationships can be shaken to their foundations.

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AITA for refusing to leave the room when my husband told me? – This web user turned to one of Reddit’s most judgmental communities, asking its members if she was really a jerk for refusing to give her husband and his best female friend some privacy. The post received over 20K upvotes as well as 8.9K comments discussing this difficult situation.

Woman asks if he’s really a joke for refusing to give her husband and his grieving lady friend some privacy

The wife wonders if she's really a jerk for not giving her husband and his grieving girlfriend some privacy.


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The woman began her post by explaining that her husband’s best friend, a woman, had recently received some devastating news about her dog and his c*ncer diagnosis. He said he would call her every day until he came to visit a few days ago.


That day, the woman answered the door, greeted him and led him into the living room, and then went into the kitchen to get a glass of water when her husband requested her – however, when she returned she was now were not there.

Best friends, as it turns out, went into the guest room and closed the door.

The author of the post heard some sobbing and saw them holding each other and crying. She was standing by the door when her husband stopped and instructed her to “give them a moment.” The woman went on to say that she was not satisfied with his request, so she stood there – but nothing was happening to the man.

The author’s husband’s best friend, a woman, recently learned that her dog has c*ncer.


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Naturally, the writer expressed his concerns, saying that it was his house too and he couldn’t tell her where she could and couldn’t live. The man became angry, told him to leave, and said they would talk later, but he again refused. He then chastises her for failing to see how tense the situation is and for denying them privacy – but, the author says, they don’t need to close the door for any reason, even if whatever happens

The husband and wife kept arguing, so the friend left. Afterward, the man lashed out at her, calling her “unbelievable” and accusing her of not caring about her or her friend, who was going through a tough time.

He chided the lady for acting in front of his dear friend, but remarked that it was strange that they closed the door simply because she was crying.

When the grieving woman came to visit, she and the author’s husband went into the guest room and closed the door.

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Since then, the man has gone completely radio silent and is acting as if the woman dumped her friend or mistreated him.

After some time, when the post took off and got a lot of attention, the author decided to edit it and add some additional comment for context. He revealed that the ages of the people involved in the event ranged from 26 to 31 years and that the woman had known her spouse for 8 years.

She entered the room when her husband stopped and instructed her to “give them a moment” – however, she refused because it made him uncomfortable.

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The author of the post said that the friend has a tendency to be really sensitive and emotional. They don’t get along because she often crosses boundaries and acts in ways that give the woman the impression that she doesn’t know her husband as well as she does. What do you think about this situation? Do you believe the author of the post overreacted?

Fellow community members shared their thoughts and opinions on the situation.

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