The Way Of Water Starts Offshore With Strong Early Numbers –

of James Cameron Avatar: The Path of Water It began its international box office rollout today in major cities such as Korea, France, Germany and Italy – and with early hits in China. One of the most anticipated films of recent years, it dominates the drama.

Some individual market grosses for opening day will come tomorrow, but for now that’s all we can report. Korea including midnights opened to $3.24M and with an 85% market share. It is lower than the comps. Spider-Man: No Way Home And Avengers: Infinity War which also debuted on Wednesday. However, as we’ve noted before, a runtime of more than three hours makes this appointment time for some — today was a work day at the market. Naver score is 9.48 which is above both comps mentioned above.


I China, Waterway 3,000 shows were planned for today at 7pm local time, but to our knowledge only 1,688 made it to the screening. This is a result of the ongoing covid issues in the market where 73% cinemas are open and the trust issue in the face of zero covid policy by the government. As a result, it was priced at RMB 20M ($2.9M), printed before the official launch on Friday. We wrote yesterday that $100M was possible in China this opening weekend. Now we are taking a more cautious stance, even if there is hope. Douban and Maoyan’s critical and social scores have not yet been posted.

Elsewhere, Waterway I was at the top of my afternoon shows. France Today, 79,000 admissions from 1,210 screens for $728K. In particular, the numbers were good for the dubbed version which indicates a family game. France have a big distraction today as we take on Morocco in the World Cup semi-finals this evening and that could affect, as we wrote yesterday, the later shows. (Funnily enough, four hours before the match in the parking lot of my local Giant supermarket, it was impossible to find a spot because my entire neighborhood had descended on them to stock up for the semi-finals.)

Elsewhere in Asia, we hear that early signs from the Philippines and Thailand are encouraging.


There’s plenty more to come in this Disney/20th Century Studios sequel, which will include Australia, Brazil and Mexico on Thursday before the UK, Spain and Japan on Friday – we’ll be following through the weekend .


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