The Way Of Water does what the original failed to do

In an interview with Collider, producer Jon Landau spoke about how impressed he was with the technical advances made since the first Avatar movie. In his opinion, the amount of detail in many of the sequel’s computer-generated characters gave them a “photo-reality”, which in turn allowed them to be handled and filmed as human actors.


“We really got to the close-up with this film,” he told Collider. “I think that when you see Jake [Sully] and Neytiri and you see [their son] Loak and his feelings – we couldn’t get to that level of performance in the first movie… In this movie, we have these computer characters standing next to human characters and you don’t even think twice about it. Indeed, The Way of the Water allows the camera to linger incredibly close to many of the Na’vi’s faces throughout the film, giving viewers an opportunity to appreciate the emotional acting of the actors. For some viewers, this closeness may even matter. played a crucial role in empathizing with the struggle of the Na’vi.

James Cameron also spoke to the press about the film’s undeniably impressive visuals, drawing comparisons to what many consider Marvel Studios’ best computer character. Conversation with Brandon Davis ComicBook.comhe stated, “Industrial Light & Magic [the VFX studio responsible for the MCU] works great, but when it comes to that emotional face we make… Thanos? Come on. Give me a break… It’s not even close.


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