‘The Wandering Earth 2’ Set For UK, Ireland Release –

special: Trinity CineAsia has acquired UK and Ireland rights to the Chinese sci-fi epic. Wandering Land 2which is slated to release on January 27, has previews since January 22, the day and date with its mainland China release.

A prequel to the record-breaking sci-fi hit The Wandering Land It is being released in China over the Chinese New Year holiday (January 21-27), traditionally the country’s most profitable box office period.


Released in 2019, The Wandering Land Grossed $700M worldwide, including $6M at the US box office. The film is currently the fifth highest-grossing in Chinese box office history and was streamed on Netflix in 190 countries in 2019.

While the first film saw humanity fleeing Earth from a dying sun, the prequel follows the struggle to build giant engines on the planet’s surface to help the human race find a new home. Both films are based on a short novel by famous sci-fi author Liu Xixin, the first Chinese recipient of the Hugo Award. The three-body problem trilogy, which is currently being adapted as an English-language series by Netflix.

Wandering Land 2 Again directed by Front Go and stars Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior series), with Hong Kong star Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs series) to join the cast in a particular form. The film is produced by China Film Company, Guo’s G!Film Beijing Studio, Beijing Dengfeng International Culture and CFC Pictures.


Trinity CineAsia Director Cedric Behrel said “We are delighted to team up with Blossoms Entertainment and China Film Co to release this high-budget, high-concept, sci-fi thriller based on the work of world-renowned author Liu Cixin. ”


Wandering Land 2 It highlights the making of this genre of film outside of the classic studio system and is an important step in showing how to work on such a large scale, with hundreds of sets, over 20,000 extras and 6,000 VFX shots. Includes, can be found outside of Hollywood.

Wandering Land 2 It is also being released in North America on January 22 by Well Go USA.


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