‘The View’ Cohosts, Oprah & More Pay Tribute To Late News Anchor –

Following news of the death of Barbara Walters, Ex point of view Star Jones, Rosie Perez, Michelle Collins and Meghan McCain, as well as celebrities and colleagues have shared touching messages.

Starr Jones, one of the ABC show’s original co-stars said“I owe Barbara Walters more than I can ever repay. Rest in peace, sister… mother… friend… colleague… mentor.”


Oprah Winfrey posted a photo with Walters on. Instagram and titled, “Without Barbara Walters, I wouldn’t be there—nor any of the other women you see on the evening, morning, and daily news. She was truly a trailblazer. I had my first television audition with her full-time.” With that in mind. Grateful that she was such a powerful and kind role model. Grateful to know her. Grateful to follow in her light.

Rosie Perez worked with Walters on the daytime show. Took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

“An amazing woman. An amazing loss. It was a huge thing to break the glass ceiling. She ended it. Paved the way for so many people,” the former host said. “I am so proud/humbled to have known and worked with him. Condolences to his loved ones and the entire @TheView family.


Michelle Collins, who co-hosted the show for one season from 2015 to 2016, shared a story.


“One of the first rituals of being a host on @TheView was having lunch with Barbara Walters,” Collins Tweeted. “Very few times in my life have I been so nervous. She was an absolute trailblazer, class, beauty, smarts that is getting harder and harder to come by. I will be forever grateful. RIP.”

Meghan McCain, who co-hosted between 2017 and 2021, tweeted, “Barbara Walters will always be known as a trailblazer. Her tough questions and welcoming demeanor have made her a household name and leader in American journalism. Made. His creation point of view Something I will always appreciate. Rest in peace you will forever be an icon,” he tweeted.


Dan Rather: “The world of journalism has lost a pillar of professionalism, courage, and integrity. Barbara Walters was a trailblazer and a true advocate. She did better, outthought, and outperformed her competitors.” . She left a better world for him. She will be greatly missed. RIP.”

Linda Carter: “Barbara Walters was an American institution. As the first female national news anchor, she opened the door to endless possibilities for many girls who wanted to work in TV, myself included. The impact cannot be overstated. I will miss you, Barbara. Thank you for everything.”

Robin Roberts: “Barbara Walters was a true trailblazer. Forever grateful for her wonderful example and her friendship. Condolences to her daughter and family.”

Maria Shriver: “#Barbara Walters was a trailblazer. She was a mentor to me as well as a friend. A lot of women got into the news business because she did her job well. She worked so hard and Helped so many young women like me. Thank you, Barbara, for everything. You paved the way for us all. You really did. #RIP.”


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: “Barbara Walters never flinched when questioning the most powerful people in the world. She held them accountable. She cared about the truth and she cared about us. Fortunately, she helped many other journalists. inspired to be similarly relentless. We are all better because of it.”


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