The skilled employee learns the boss expects him to do 3 times more than his peers, finding a creative way to work all day.

For some bosses, appearing busy is more important than actual productivity and results. Many office workers adopt this system and unnecessarily skip work or take a dozen coffee breaks per day. Meanwhile, overachievers may be confused as to why they have to pretend to work when they’ve already done everything they needed to, twice or three times as much as everyone else. times faster.

That’s one of the strange things about many modern white-collar companies: there’s a lot of pretense going on. and a radiator, which is highly productive, Report your experience. Also on the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit. He will go through their work in just a few hours. However, his boss told him that he would have to “do something all the time,” leaving no “time gaps” in his work.


Scroll down to read how they approached this charged situation about fake productivity. Have you been in a similar situation at work before, Pandas? What would you do if you were in OP’s shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments. We caught up with the author of the viral post to get his take on management practices, the current 9-to-5 workday, and what advice he would give to office workers who might be in a similar situation. Read on for our full interview.

Not all overachievers are rewarded with improved productivity. Some of them are reprimanded.


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An office worker shared her boss’s unfair demands, once she found out she was twice as efficient as everyone else.




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“I would think that when it comes to procrastination, it’s mostly due to the management style of those above the workers,” the author of the post shared his opinion on why employees procrastinate with BoardPanda. are A lot depends on who is in charge and what they value.

“I’ve had jobs where there’s a lot of downtime and managers understand it, and then jobs where downtime is seen as ‘wasted’ by higher-ups.”

The redditor shared his thoughts on the current way the workday is structured in offices.

“I believe we can work in a shorter workday and potentially complete the same amount of work with greater productivity. This has already been proven in studies around the world. People should accept that we don’t have to work as hard as we think,” he said.

A study he cites. Viewed 100 businesses In Britain that shortened the working week to 4 days (ie 32 hours). The researchers found that productivity remained the same. Compensation was also kept constant, as if employees worked a standard 5-day work week.

“If someone completes their work quickly and accurately and is given a heavy workload instead of being compensated, I would try to talk to my leader about it and how they would feel. is their ability to complete more work than their salary or compensation,” the redditor offered some spot-on advice.

“If it is frowned upon or not well received, I would suggest keeping your options open for other employment opportunities.”

When they see someone who is productive and overworked, some bosses choose to overwork them. However, this is clearly unfair, as all other employees are paid the same amount for doing (usually) much less work.

Dragging work to the office seems to be a form of modern survival. This means that, broadly speaking, office spaces in large companies are incredibly poor environments for standing out. You are more likely to work than get a promotion. That’s not to say that all companies do, though. Some managers really value (extra) effort and real productivity. It’s just that you can’t expect everyone to be a good and fair workplace leader… unfortunately.

A study Which looked at the productivity of almost 2k British office workers in 2016 and found that the average daily working time was just 3 hours, standing at 2 hours 53 minutes. Now mix with it. A 2018 study which looked at the habits of 1k US workers found that 36% of Millennials and Generation Z employees spend nearly 2 hours of each workday distracted by their phones. Clearly, offices are not the most productive of places.

In an ideal and much more honest world, there would be a 4-day, 4- to 6-hour workday per week. Unless a big deadline is looming, someone has just started a new position, or the job itself is extremely time-sensitive, office workers are generally more capable than they appear. can be When push comes to shove, people rise to the challenge.

But in the monotony of the day-to-day, which smells of printer ink and stale coffee, there isn’t much incentive to rush or push hard. Many people do the least they can to avoid getting fired.

Have you ever talked to your friends who work white collar jobs? If they ever really open up about their day-to-day struggles, you might realize that they can get things done a lot faster. It makes sense: As you gain more experience, you sharpen your skills and streamline your work process.

Hardly anyone works the full 8 or so ‘official’ hours because quality work doesn’t take that long. That’s not to mention the simple fact that it’s extremely rare to fully concentrate for the time being. The Washington Post notes. That your ability to concentrate is limited to about 4 to 5 hours per day.

However, some employers require that you at least appear to be busy. This leads to a very contradictory situation where everyone pretends that their tasks are more difficult and time consuming than they really are. It’s a world of smoke, mirrors, and fake productivity. Oh, you get results, sure. But it seems that too much time has been wasted, on all fronts, to maintain the pleasant illusion of tireless work.

The author of the post added some more details about his work and department in the comments.

Meanwhile, here’s how some netizens reacted to the post, and what advice they gave the employee.

Other internet users shared similar stories from their jobs.

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