The shortest prison term for celebrities: Boris Becker served only 8 months

He was one of the greatest tennis players in the world and had the whole world at his feet.

But far from judgment, Boris Becker’s love of women and filthy finances has led to a downfall of epic proportions.



Boris Becker was deported to Germany after serving only eight months in prison.1 credit

The tennis master who stirred the world by becoming the youngest and first unseeded player to win the men’s singles at Wimbledon at the age of 17 was ignominiously deported from the UK yesterday.

He was sent back to Germany after serving less than half of a two-and-a-half-year sentence for hiding £2.5 million worth of assets and loans to avoid paying off debts.

But BBC expert Becker is not the only celebrity to receive an early release card from prison.


We take a look at some of the star’s shortest prison terms.

Imprisoned tennis star Boris Becker is preparing a book, Beards and All, about the Fall
I have reached the bottom and I don’t know what to do with it,” says Boris Becker.

Nicole Richie – 82 minutes

Nicole sets record for shortest celebrity jail time


Nicole sets record for shortest celebrity jail time1 credit
She was arrested for driving with drugs


She was arrested for driving with dr*gs

The socialite holds the record for the shortest celebrity time in prison – 82 minutes.

NicoleIn 2007, the 41-year-old singer was sentenced to four days in prison for driving in the wrong direction on a highway after smoking mar*juana and taking strong painkillers.


But Richie, then five months pregnant, spent less than an hour and a half in jail under a policy whereby non-violent offenders were sentenced to less than 30 days, simply dealt with, and then released.

She was fingerprinted and posed for a photo looking like a fashion model before being told to go home.

Richie, the daughter of singer Lionel, was convicted of drunk driving in 2003.

Lindsay Lohan – 90 minutes

Mean Girls actress Lindsey served a longer sentence than Nicole, by two minutes.


Former drug addict Lindsey received a day in jail after she confessed to driving under c*caine, but was released almost immediately due to overcrowding.

Lindsey even managed to look glamorous in the photo.


Lindsey even managed to look glamorous in the photo.Credit: Splash News
Lindsey got her life back on track


Lindsey got her life back on track1 credit

During her troubles, Lindsey, who was once a fresh-faced Disney star who appeared in Freaky Friday and Full Boot Herbie, was arrested seven times for driving and drug-related offenses. She was imprisoned six times for a total of 332 days.


In the end, she served 42 days and 84 minutes of her sentence and was on probation for a total of eight years before starting her life again.

Khloe Kardashian – 3 hours

Chloe was arrested for drunk driving in California in 2007.

She then expressed remorse on the Tyra Banks talk show, saying that what she did was “unthinkable”, vowing, “I’ll never, ever do that again.”

But then she skipped a court-ordered alcohol training course and skipped community service to clean up roads.

Chloe looks nothing like the police picture.


Chloe looks nothing like the police picture.
Khloe with her sister Kim, who couldn't resist taking a selfie as her sister headed to jail


Khloe with her sister Kim, who couldn’t resist taking a selfie as her sister headed to jail1 credit

Khloe, 38, was sentenced to 30 days for violating her probation, making telegold when Kim’s sister insisted on taking selfies.

Their upset mum Kris Jenner said, “Kim, could you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister will go to jail!

But the family has nothing to worry about. Chloe only served three hours due to overcrowding in the prison.

Paris Hilton – 5 days

The Paris heiress was known for her party lifestyle when she was arrested in 2006 on suspicion of drunk driving.

She lost her license but escaped jail.

Paris even manages to pose perfectly for a photo shoot.


Paris even manages to pose perfectly for a photo shoot.Credit: Handout
Paris has become the epitome of glamour.


Paris has become the epitome of glamour.1 credit

But a year later, she was caught driving and given 45 days behind bars, and Kathy’s mother screamed in horror to the judge: “You are pathetic.”

Paris served only five days in jail and was instead placed under house arrest due to “medical problems” that were never disclosed.

Paul McCartney – 9 days

The Beatles star was lucky enough to escape a harsh sentence after being caught with a pound of weed when he landed in Japan while on tour in 1980.

At customs, he was caught with enough mar*juana to put him in jail for seven years.

But Paul managed to convince officials that the cannabis in his suitcase was for personal use, not distribution.

Many will be shocked to learn that clean Paul was once arrested.


Many will be shocked to learn that clean Paul was once arrested.1 credit
Paul rose to cult status


Paul rose to cult status1 credit

The singer, who was by then touring with Wings, was sent to prison for nine days before being released without real punishment.

He was then deported from Japan and did not return for ten years.

Felicity Huffman – 11 days

The Desperate Housewives star was jailed for just two weeks for her part in the college admissions scandal that rocked America.

She was one of 51 parents accused of manipulating test scores and bribing coaches to get their kids into better schools.

Felicity, 60, was accused of paying $15,000 to hire an examiner to help her daughter Sophia Macy, now 21, cheat.

Felicity has kept a low profile ever since she was released early.


Felicity has kept a low profile ever since she was released early.Credit: Splash News

She served only 11 days and was released early because her release date fell on a public holiday and the prison authorities did not release prisoners on weekends.

Pete Doherty – 6 weeks

The Libertines frontman is no stranger to jail time after being arrested multiple times for drug-related offenses, drunk driving, auto theft and driving while on ban.

The lead singer of Babyshambles was jailed for possession of c*caine, h*roin, mar*juana and ketamine.

The star, who dated model Kate Moss between 2005 and 2007, was released from prison just six weeks after a six-month sentence on drug charges following the d*ath of the society heiress.

Pregnant Molly Mae shamed for walking in the snow weeks before giving birth
Doherty once dated Kate Moss


Doherty once dated Kate Moss1 credit
Doherty lifted his fingers after appearing in court


Doherty lifted his fingers after appearing in courtCredit: AP: Associated Press

He was released to house arrest after being convicted of possession of crack c*caine after a messy weekend with Robin Whitehead, a member of the wealthy Goldsmith family, which ended in her fatal overdose.

Doherty gave up his bad boy lifestyle three years ago and announced this month that he and his wife Katia de Vidas, who live in France, are expecting a baby.

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