The Sad Reason fans compare ’70s series to ‘How I Met Your Mother’

An old Reddit thread compared the two sitcoms. for one specific reason: the show’s lack of fairness for romantic couples.


Fans of That ’70s Show have a lot to be mad about. First, the eighth and final season did not feature Topher Grace or Ashton Kutcher in the main cast, which left fans with a bad taste in their mouths. Part of Grace’s departure resulted in Donna (Laura Prepon) and Eric breaking up, which was one of the biggest issues fans had to deal with.

The couple were friends and dated from the first season for seven seasons. Then suddenly they broke up while Eric was in Africa. “Eric and Donna’s relationship is falling apart after only a few weeks apart. you/meowskywalker mourns. Instead, Donna starts a fling with Randy (Josh Meyers) and is casual about her breakup with Eric when she tells the rest of the gang. Although they’re back together and “That ’90s Show” confirms that they’re staying together with their daughter as the main character, fans were furious that this even happened.

Adding fuel to fan complaints is the breakdown in the relationship between Hyde (Danny Masterson) and Jackie (Mila Kunis). U/Wednesday called it “really the show’s biggest mistake” and also called continuing the show without Grace as another failure.



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