The real reason Sakonji Urokodaki from Demon Slayer always wears a mask

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One fact that is more widely known explains why Urokodaki chose to hide his face in the series. If anyone watches Season 3 Episode 1 until the very end, Tanjiro will tell them Taisho’s secret, which describes the reason why Urokodaki started wearing the mask: “I heard it was because the demons were laughing at his face for that he looks too much.” Kind.” This is an interesting point, especially when we draw parallels between Tanjiro and his Master: not only are they endowed with a superhuman sense of smell, but they also have an incredibly kind heart, which often shows in their soft features – not that we will ever see Urokodaki to make sure of this.


What most fans may not know, however, is that this is the real reason why mangaka Koyoharu Gotoge decided to permanently draw Urokodaki with a Tengu mask. Rooted in both Buddhism and Shintoism, “tengu are fearsome demigods who protect mountain regions” (according to Eiyo Kimono). Indeed, despite the fact that he is not a god, but a mortal man, the retired Waterman Hashira also resides in the mountain region and no doubt even now uses his skills to protect him.

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