The odds of dying as a trucker on an icy road might surprise you

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Alex Debogorski of Ice Road Truckers sat down with Profiles talk about the dangers of the job, and he had some sobering estimates of the fatality rate while driving on those roads, even when truckers were unfortunate enough to drive on the ice. “The chances are very good. Usually you lose more gear than lives,” Debogorski said.


While it may seem somewhat surprising that drivers whose trucks go through the ice in remote places can emerge relatively unscathed, Debogorski was adamant that many truckers survive plunging into freezing water. “We probably lost about 50 people in Northern Canada in 35 or 40 years,” Debogorski calculated. For equipment like trucks and trailers, the odds are much worse. “Perhaps we have lost three times as much as [in equipment]he continued.

While semi-trailers and trailers can be incredibly expensive, anyone would agree that it is better to lose a piece of equipment than to lose a human life. After all, technology can always be restored. However, as with horror movies, most viewers are probably more than happy to experience the perils of Ice Truckers from the safety and comfort of their homes.

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