The most important MCU characters introduced in Phase 4

It’s hard to imagine a character (and game) more different than Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk, but the fact that both can coexist in the same universe shows just how vast (and complex) the MCU is getting. . Will they ever be able to unite? It would be as much like a battle of tones as it would be like their superpowers.


Nonetheless, “She-Hulk Attorney at Lawkicked off with a nine-part first season that opened up new faces for Jennifer Walters’ evolving story as a superhero lawyer. Titania, Leap-Frog, Wrecking Crew and Porcupine. Although Madisinn may have become the most significant Marvel’s new fan favorite, Hulk’s son Skaar has also been introduced and is likely to play a significant role in the future of the MCU.

But ultimately, the Disney+ series became the release of the She-Hulk movie. Maslany The character has brought a more down-to-earth presence to the vibrant MCU adventures, and like Charlie Cox’s previously dark (and Netflix-filled) Daredevil, it looks like he’ll serve as a valuable counterbalance to MCU broodings like Spector and Maximoff.

“It’s always high-stakes events – the end of the universe, half the people in all of existence disappear,” writes the lead writer. Jessica Gao said in a 2022 interview, explaining the character’s role in the universe. “We never had time to find out who these people were. What is their ordinary life like?


Comic book fans are, of course, fully aware of how She-Hulk can affect the Marvel Universe as a whole, and it’s not always all that grounded in reality. The character is credited with breaking the fourth wall long before Deadpool made it cool. Plus, her calling as a superhero lawyer (and occasional member of the Avengers) suggests that her Phase Five storyline could intersect with…well, almost anyone.


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