The Most Disturbing Moments From The Chainsaw Man Season 1

After their adventure at the hotel, Jimeno suggests that the team spend the night without food or drink. Danji is overjoyed to be present, especially since Jimeno promised to French kiss him if he killed the Infinite Devil. Very quickly, the night turns into shenanigans as the Force tries to grab all the food in sight. However, things get really interesting when Makima joins them for dinner and asks Denji if he was planning on kissing anyone.


Denji, already deeply in love with Makima, is heavily conflicted, but is still more than willing to kiss Himeno. As the night goes on, everyone starts eating and drinking their weight chicken, dumplings, and beer, especially Jimeno, who gets quite drunk. True to her word, she finally casually kisses Denji, much to his shock and delight. Unfortunately, his first kiss soon turns out to be ruined as Jimeno continues to vomit right into his mouth, much to everyone else’s shock and Power’s perverted delight. This is a point that is definitely disturbing, just for different reasons than the other entries on this list. If you have ever been overfed in a bar or at a social event, then this moment may seem hauntingly true.

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