‘The Mighty Ducks’ star Shawn Weiss looks completely unrecognizable in new music video after recovering from drug addiction.

MIGHTY Ducks star Sean Weiss looked completely unrecognizable in a new video after getting off his drug addiction.

The 44-year-old former child star finally sobered up in 2020 after a three-year addiction to methamphetamine and heroin.



Mighty Ducks star Shawn Weiss looked completely unrecognizable in a new video after getting off his drug addiction.Credit: Nine/Today
Sean in a police picture in 2018.


Sean in a police picture in 2018.

Sean, who rose to fame playing Greg Goldberg on The Mighty Ducks in 1992, spoke on Thursday about life after overcoming addiction.

The actor looked healthy when he appeared on the Australian talk show. Today Extra.

“I feel better than I have in years, and being able to come back and do films again is just a dream come true,” he said.


“Honestly, when all this was happening, I really never thought I would be in a place where I could look back at all this in the rearview mirror.


“So to be able to be here now, I feel like I have a second chance.”

Sean, who weighed only 96 pounds and was infested with bugs at the height of his addiction, also insisted on having a party scene in the film. Hollywood not to blame for his downward spiral.


“I think [my addiction] had less to do with Hollywood and a lot more to do with other things,” he said.

“My depression led to my drug addiction and I figured it out in a thousand hours of therapy.”


Sean praised the cast and crew of The Mighty Ducks and his 1995 film Heavyweights for helping him sober up.

The actor said, “That support really meant everything to me because I just got to the point where I really didn’t take care of myself that much.


“But I really didn’t want to let down all these people who were pulling for me.”

Sean completely changed in January 2022 when he celebrated reaching two years of sobriety.


The former Disney star checked into rehab back in March 2020.

When the pandemic hit, Sean was living at a sober living center in California.

His close friend Drew Gallagher re-shared the image on his Instagram and described transformation like a triumph.


Drew mentioned that the Heavyweight star had been “sober for two years”.

He wrote: “So proud of you brother – look at you now.”

Sean’s drug abuse had previously led to a number of embarrassing legal problems.

Back in 2017, alum Freaks and Geeks was sentenced to 150 days in jail for petty theft but only served 12 when he was released.

He was arrested again for possession of methamphetamine in Burbank, California.

My depression led to my addiction and I figured it out in a thousand hours of therapy.

Sean Weiss

After serving about 90 days, Sean was imprisoned a year later, in August 2018, for drunkenness in a public place.

Then, in January 2020, Sean was caught breaking into a house while high on methamphetamine.

According to the Marysville Police Department, he broke into a man’s garage in Van Nuys, California and allegedly smashed the windshield of the man’s car at 7 a.m.

The report stated, “Officers noticed shards of glass on the ground and noticed that the vehicle’s passenger window had been shattered.”

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But in July 2021, the burglary case was dropped as Sean successfully completed a drug court program and achieved 18 months of sobriety from his methamphetamine addiction. TMZ.



Sean pictured from The Mighty Ducks in 1992.1 credit

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