The Masked Singer season 6 celebrities revealed

exceptional performance: “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul

The judges also speculated: Brian Latrell, Ty Diggs, Zac Efron, Jaden Smith, Cisco, Darren Criss, Adam Lambert and Neil Patrick Harris


The biggest clues emerged: 1.) He said, “The doors I knocked on didn’t open. I heard ‘no’ over and over again. I didn’t give up, and eventually Hollywood, and even Forbes, took notice.” This is most likely a reference to his beginning American Idol (where he was eliminated) and he didn’t get much fame until he started making his own YouTube videos. they were also included Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2014

2.) Several clues showed the Baseball Hall of Fame, Disney Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall and Hall & Oates – all for his last name.

3.) Drag Race is also mentioned in the clue package, and he has also been a judge and choreographer for it RuPaul’s Drag Race,


4.) The stuffed lion was most likely meant to represent his viral video “Epic Beyoncé Lion King Mashup” From 2019.


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