The ‘Man Who Has It All’ Online Page Puts Sexist Gender Stereotypes In Perspective And Here Are 91 Of His Most Accurate Memes

You are welcomed “the man who has it all“A space that provides a safe space for men whose eyelashes are ruining their careers, men who struggle to lose baby weight, men who try to raise their eyebrow game.” Men who don’t want to look too flashy so they don’t just apply for the job of their dreams, and men who do it all: housework, life, looking good, balancing pH and juggling jobs. .

And while you’re questioning your own pH balance right now (feeling a little acidic lately?), let me also tell you that these are imaginative scenarios in an imaginary world where women rule. Because there’s just so much BS that women just have to suck it up and smile in this sexist society.


No wonder the “Man Who Has It All” parody project has gained a cult following online, with nearly 558k Facebook followers raving over hilarious and absurdly realistic posts, tweets, memes and jokes. Grossly ironic and somewhat revolutionary, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world soaked in air fresheners.

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