The man wants to expose the mother that their ‘secret family recipe’ actually came from the side of the can.

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Many of us cherish the moments spent with our family members. Now, with the marathon of celebrations approaching, most of us are already in planning mode, reminiscing about all the great things we are going to do with our family members. During this time we not only take out our precious decorations and ornaments but also start planning what we are going to make to surprise our loved ones. Often, this is when traditions make their way, reminding us of their importance and ability to bring family members closer together. There is no doubt that some people associate large family gatherings with food and drink. For some of us, it’s grandma’s pies or mom’s cookies that are made every year without exception, and their recipes are already considered part of the family heritage. With that nostalgia in mind, Reddit user @u/absolutirony decided to ask others online if they’d do something their relatives wouldn’t believe. The question which soon received more than 24k votes was filled with different questions. Opinions of other users.

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Many people like to remember the good times spent with their family and the traditions they follow each year.

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The author of the post begins her story by sharing that every year, as Christmas approaches, her mother makes a delicious fudge. The special thing about this fudge is that the grandmother of the original poster (OP) got it from a candy maker and the recipe has been kept as a family secret ever since. It was even said that when a family member became an adult, they were allowed to see the recipe, so until they were in their 30s, they had no idea how it was made. However, the OP found out what the recipe was a little earlier thanks to her mom who asked for help while making the famous fudge.

A Reddit user took the opportunity to ask others if they should reveal a family “secret” involving a fudge recipe.


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The man shared that it didn’t take long for him to figure out what the prescription was and when his mother and grandmother found out that they had “found” it earlier than usual, they were both very upset. The OP revealed that he doesn’t think ““recipe hoarding” is something special, but he did not give it to anyone other than his brother and sister. But her mother and grandmother still resented it years later and even said they didn’t trust the OP for what happened.


The man revealed that his family has a secret fudge recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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The Reddit user continued his story by sharing that he found an article about a chef who, after extensive searching, was able to track down the book from which his family recipe was taken. This is when OP remembered her secret family recipe and decided to do her research to find out where the fudge recipe came from. This was when they found out that their special recipe was taken from an evaporated milk company and wasn’t quite as secret as it was in every can. This discovery leads the OP to believe that someone in their family lied about the true origin of the recipe, and now they are wondering if they should share their revelation with others.

The author of the post discovered the recipe earlier than planned, much to the chagrin of his mother and grandmother


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Being in this situation led the person to ask others online what to do because they thought it would be funny, but at the same time, they realized that it could be a shock to them. This question gave the green light to many users who expressed their perspective on the situation. Some of them thought that it was okay for the OP to tell the truth because of the harsh treatment he received from his relatives, while others thought that the person writing the post would destroy what he was talking about. Both women believe, and it can’t help. to her. What is your position on this issue? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Years later, the OP found out that the famous family fudge recipe was actually on every evaporated milk.


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Why are family traditions so important? They are not only there to keep us all busy and add a few more things to the endless to-do list before the big events. These traditions and unique “rules” make us more connected and open to each other. According to Generations of Family Practice, people who grow up in families that follow certain traditions feel better about themselves and don’t suffer from low self-esteem because they are aware of their family history. So shopping for a Christmas tree, decorating the house, baking gingerbread, or even going for a long walk as a family only benefits its members, especially the little ones who will later cherish those moments. would like to.

Now the person is faced with a dilemma whether to tell the truth or keep it to himself

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The Reddit user is still afraid that by debunking the whole story, they might come off as a jerk.

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The story prompted many online users to express their opinions on a situation that may not be as simple as it seems.

Some Reddit users shared that the truth about the origin of the recipe could ruin their relationship with their family.

Image credit: u/absolutirony

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