The love scene in ‘Die Another Day’ that took fans to the extreme

In the discussion about r/movies about the most embarrassing sex scenes in movies, some users highlighted jinx bond love scene from Die Another Day. After Jinx and Bond throw some horrendous cumshots at each other, the movie cuts to them in bed, with Bond lying down and Jinx munching on a fig on top of him.


“Preparing for this is terrible because the dialogue is so creepy and then in the middle of sex, she pulls a knife on him and shoves a fig in his face,” he said. you/zolly696. “I like good figs from time to time, but now is not the right time to eat them.” Another user u/Praise_THIS_Sonlamented their subsequent date at the end of the film, in which Bond sticks diamonds into Jinx’s navel.

As energized as Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films have been, for some viewers, this particular scene has kicked them up an uncomfortable notch. Another discussion of r/movies from u/Deja-Reviewhighlights the couple’s “inappropriate dialogue that makes them seem perverted” and their “unnecessary, groundless [sic] sex scene.

AT r/JamesBond, u/Bond16 similarly criticized 007 for “terrible dialogue between him and Jinx”, as well as “their super awkward sex scene”. Off-screen, however, the sex scene was just as awkward—on set, Halle Berry choked on a fig, and Brosnan actually saved her life by performing Heimlich (via Independent).



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