The Last of Us trailer song makes game fans go crazy

One of the strengths of action-adventure/survival horror The Last of Us is its emotional impact. One particular scene in The Last of Us Part 2 released in 2020, he has been a fan favorite since his first appearance. This is because Ellie, voiced by Ashley Johnson in the game, sings “Take on Me” and plays the guitar. symbolizes the deep relationship that the two ended up sharing, and the good is still left in Joel. His story eventually ended when he was brutally m*rdered. in Abby’s arms under Ellie’s supervision. This is a heartbreaking moment for the fans this leads to Ellie’s quest for revenge, and her ability to act (or lack of it) plays a big role in this sequel’s ending.


Ellie’s performance of the song also strongly demonstrated the growing bond between her and her lover Dina. One YouTube commenter, JaviScript, posted a video with game scene“That moment was so magical for me… I felt the love between Ellie and Dina start to grow. A game has never made me feel like this, and that was just the beginning.”

Adding a song to a trailer for a new show — and not at the start, but starting playing on static radio almost a minute after the trailer started, and then reappearing in it about a minute and a half later — seems like an inspired choice, if fan reaction is any indication.


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