The last airbender is really great in real life

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Toph Beifong was brought to life by Michaela Jill Murphy, who voiced the character in 37 episodes of Avatar: The Elementalist, where she was listed under her stage name Jessie Flower. In addition to the Nickelodeon series, Murphy has worked on many notable animated shows including Platinum End, Meet the Robinsons, The Emperor’s New School, and Beyond the Fence (via IMDb).


Murphy is an accomplished voice actor, but how did she get started? According to her Web site, she started acting at a very young age after one of her friends starred in a commercial. She decided that acting seemed like a blast and wasted no time making her dream a reality. Her career quickly expanded into various mediums including animation and the stage; eventually, she found herself recording Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In an interview with Latvians reactMurphy opened up about some of her favorite moments with Toph in Avatar. “Some of the early favorites were like The Tales of Ba Sing Se, followed by The Library. Many fans will agree with the voice actress as Tales of Ba Sing Se is considered one of the series’ best episodes.

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